Pumping Services

In 2010, Baker Hughes acquired pressure pumping technology through the acquisition of BJ Services. The acquisition coincides with a high volume of drilling activity directed at producing unconventional oil and gas in numerous basins in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Horizontal drilling, efficient completion techniques, and hydraulic fracturing are typically used to develop unconventional shale resources.

Hydraulic fracturing has become an issue of concern, particularly in areas new to oil and gas exploration. This is largely due to misinformation about the effects of this process.

We welcome responsible regulation, based on science, to ensure that shale gas development can continue. Operators also must act responsibly and adhere to industry standards for casing programs, cement isolation practices, and fluids handling. This ensures the avoidance of contamination on or near the surface.

Baker Hughes is investing in research to develop environmentally responsible stimulation fluids. A result of this continued research, our Baker Hughes SmartCare™ system, takes a comprehensive approach to the design of fracturing fluids systems. This maximizes production results while minimizing environmental impact during hydraulic fracturing.

Our experts are also working with regulators to disclose the chemical makeup of these fluids while protecting confidential business information.