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The coming transition: A blueprint for navigating the next 30 years in the energy industry

Feature Report

The coming transition: A blueprint for navigating the next 30 years in the energy industry

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Report Highlights
  • The quick emissions management wins required in the first wave of change
  • How to close the gap of technological development to accelerate the scale of carbon abatement
  • Why a diverse energy mix and collaboration are essential to achieve net-zero targets by 2050

“The energy industry has been built on invention,” says Baker Hughes Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Simonelli.

“But it’s also built on reinvention.”

The history of the modern energy industry reveals how our system is based upon a series of new creations and transitions. The current energy transition, however, is unlike any other in history. We face the dual challenge of maintaining a supply of affordable energy while also meeting ambitious emissions targets.

This requires accepting some hard truths that will lead us to start an immediate reinvention of the energy industry through widespread adoption of existing technologies without losing sight of the importance of emerging technologies. However, the transition we face today requires maintaining a supply of reliable, affordable energy for the global population while also simultaneously combatting climate change by reducing the world’s carbon emissions.

Together our collective expertise, abilities and technologies can achieve the type of change required to realize a carbon-neutral future. Download the feature report to learn more about how we get there.

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