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The heritage of innovation


The heritage of innovation

March 17, 2021

For over 100 years, we have been a leader in industrial turbomachinery and the heart of innovation in Florence, Italy. This heritage continues to power the turbine, compressor, and pump technology we apply to energy and industry today. With new generation gas turbine design, enabling higher efficiency and reliability for operators, today’s Florence manufacturing site uses LEAN production principles, additive manufacturing and integrated digital systems, producing advanced technology solutions as part of Baker Hughes’ energy transition strategic portfolio.

Recently one of our Italian employees, Alessandro Antonelli, discovered some old photographs that chronicled the rich history of this local site. Antonelli was inspired to use his photography skills to create a modern look back at the similarities and differences around the manufacturing facility, which for over a century has been driving innovation for the industry.


EFS_NP Heritage 1
Archive photo from mid-1920s: compressor assembly line. Current photo: gas turbine production line.


EFS_NP Heritage 2
Archive photo from mid-1920s: power press machines. Current photo: rotor components production line.


EFS_NP Heritage 3
Archive photo from mid-1920s: reciprocating compressor assembly line. Current photo: center of excellence for bearings.


EFS_NP Heritage 4
Archive photo from 1960s: compressor crankcase. Current photo: new steam turbine rotor assembly line.


EFS_NP Heritage 5
Archive photo from 1970s: small-size centrifugal compressor assembly workstation. Current photo: new-generation pulsing line.


EFS_NP Heritage 6
Archive photo from 1970s: assembly wheeled motor-driven compressors. Current photo: new generation centrifugal compressors and turbo expanders.


EFS_NP Heritage 7
Archive photo from 1962: The Perro Negro, a mobile platform for underwater drilling, leaving the harbor of Ravenna, Italy.


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