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My dad works here - meet Faye and Mick Mann


My dad works here - meet Faye and Mick Mann

My Dad works here- meet Faye and Mick Mann

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  • We caught up with father and daughter Mick and Faye Mann, from our Digital Solutions facility in Cramlington, UK. 
  • Michael Mann started in 1987 as a Site Services Maintenance Technician, and currently works as Facilities Lead. Faye Mann started at Baker Hughes in 2019 as Marketing Specialist.
Q: Mick, you’ve been here a long time. Please tell us, what is the favorite part of your job?

MICK: You see, I really like solving problems, you know, finding solutions as a team. Teamwork is so rewarding.  

For example, most recently, I really enjoyed the challenge of being a project manager for the build of our new facility here in Cramlington, and the eventual demolition of the old facility opened by the Prince of Wales himself back in 1979.

This took a couple of years of hard work, team problem solving every day—from dealing with architects and construction contractors, to planning the move of 200+ employees—and a lot of high-tech equipment, with minimal disruption to the business.

Now I am relishing the challenge of managing being in a new facility, ironing out teething problems from air conditioning monitoring to making sure office ergonomics suit our employees on site. As you know, people typically don’t like change! 

FAYE: My dad is a problem solver for sure.  He always likes to fix things. He solves everything in my life!


Q: Mick - Do you remember your first day?

MICK: Yes, it was 1987, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I started as the joiner on site.

FAYE: When I was little, my Dad had a huge tool bag he used to bring back from work.

MICK: It was a steep learning curve, but very interesting. Today, 32 years later, I am still learning to adapt: I can honestly say change has been a constant throughout my career.


Q: What would be your career advice to your daughter?

MICK: To my daughter Faye, I’d say ‘Do things to the best of your ability. Show determination. Do not be afraid to ask for support from others when you need to, and listen to advice.’


Q: Faye, please tell us what made you apply for a role where your Dad works. 

FAYE: I chose to apply to Baker Hughes as, like my Dad, I really wanted to be a part of an organization that challenges me every day—that helps shape and adapt my skillset to suit the business.

It’s a bonus that we get to work together and collaborate on some projects, and that I get the occasional coffee bought for me!

My whole life, I have known my Dad to work here. As a child I remember waiting at the bottom of the street for my Dad to come home from work, every day without fail I would stand and wait. I always knew his job involved building intelligent technology, not then realizing he was talking about pipeline inspection technology deployed all over the world!

It wasn’t until I, too, started my career in the oil and gas industry that I fully understood that Baker Hughes were at the forefront of pipeline inspection, supporting customers in so many countries.

I have to say I am enjoying working for a large organization where your day-to-day work really makes a difference.


Q: What is the favorite part of your job?

FAYE: The favourite part of my job in Marketing is event management, specifically organizing our presence at industry trade shows. This has been the same ever since I began my marketing career. I think it stems from my love of organization and planning!

I really enjoy working as a team on event planning projects, to share ideas…etc. And to see the whole thing come to life at the event itself is something that I find very rewarding.

I love how we really get to work with so many different people in this business. I like the team spirit and getting involved with other functions. There are no real boundaries.


Q: Would you recommend working at Baker Hughes to the next generation of employees?

MICK: Yes, definitely! Baker Hughes is a well-established company with great prospects for young people, both in our region here in the North East of England, as well as internationally. You get to work with a very experienced and diverse group of people.

FAYE: I’d echo my Dad here, Baker Hughes is ideal for determined individuals who would like to have their learning experience within a large, diverse environment.

It also has the added benefit of having so many long serving members within each facility so new colleagues can learn a great deal from knowledge sharing – this has really benefited me since joining!

The staff know the company so well, they are really happy to help a new starter. Thanks to this welcoming attitude, I was able to find my way around the business and learn about new systems when I first joined. A true differentiator, I’d say.


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