Security and Crisis Management

Securing Our People and Supporting

Our Enterprise Security and Crisis Management (ES&CM) function is dedicated to ensuring the security of the company’s employees and operations in an increasingly complex business and security environment. Using an intelligence-driven risk evaluation process, ES&CM works to recognize and mitigate potential threats to our assets and to identify opportunities for business growth in emerging or evolving markets.

Through the targeted application of resources, ES&CM ensures that security remains out of the critical path of operations and creates a trusted environment for our customers by leading or supporting the company’s efforts in disciplines.


Intellectual Property Security

A significant portion of a company's shareholder value is derived from its intellectual property.


Regulatory Compliance

Strict adherence with regulatory requirements is a foundation of our worldwide operations.


Crisis Management and Business Resilience

With more than 32,000 employees operating in more than 80 countries worldwide, our personnel work in a wide variety of dynamic environments.


Information Security

We use a multifaceted, threat-based approach to information security.


Physical Security

An effective way of reducing these costs is to embed security into the preplanning stage, develop standardized processes, and accurately assess the facility risk.