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Owning Our Journey

Owning Our Journey

Baker Hughes delivered the best HSE performance in company history for the third consecutive year in 2016. We boosted the number of Perfect HSE Days—days in which we had no injuries, no accidents, and no harm to the environment—to a remarkable 208, up from 22 just four years ago.

We achieved this success because we chose to own our HSE journey.

Every Baker Hughes employee is empowered to drive—to own—superior performance in every aspect of health, safety, and environment. In other words, we’re in the driver’s seat. We see every employee as an HSE professional who believes that a destination of 365 Perfect HSE Days< is possible—and works every day to make it a reality.

We didn’t arrive at this level of commitment overnight. With no map to follow, we had to set our own course. It took courage to identify and implement the cultural shifts we needed to make. It took a personal and empowering message that supported our company’s purpose: “enabling safe, affordable energy, improving people’s lives.” And it took the full engagement of a global workforce—starting from the top with Martin Craighead, our chairman and CEO, who challenged every one of us to “Take Care of Each Other.”

Read about our journey and some of the important lessons we learned along the way in our 2016 Annual HSE and Social Responsibility report.

We truly believe that our commitment is changing the way we—and the industry—can manage HSE. This can take our mutual industry vision of an incident-free workplace and transform it into reality.


What Lies Beneath – Facilitated Learning

Facilitated Learning to Better Understand Why HSE Incidents Occur (and Recur)…so we can prevent them.


Management System

The HSE management system has been in place and evolving since 2002 and now describes mature processes that drive continual improvement and help to maintain legal compliance.


HSE Performance

Baker Hughes has continued to significantly reduce its enterprise-wide Total Recordable Incident Rate and vehicle accident rates.


Recognition and Awards

Customers are enthusiastic about Baker Hughes' emphasis on safe work practices.


Protecting the Environment

Our commitment to protecting the environment begins with our HSE Policy Statement.


Audit Program

Audits enable us to identify risk, determine the degree of implementation and effectiveness of the HSE Management System, and verify compliance with applicable regulations.


HSE Culture

Baker Hughes HSE programs are simple, engaging, and systematic, driving us toward a more mature, interdependent culture that ensures greater efficiency.


Health Safety and Environmental Videos

View these engaging HSE videos; The Perfect HSE Day, Upstream Process Safety, and Management of Change (MOC) which address key HSE issues for Baker Hughes and the industry.

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