HSE Performance

Taking care of each other.  Working to make every day a Perfect HSE Day.
At Baker Hughes, we have been on a purposed journey to zero.  This journey begins and ends every day, only to start again the next day.  It is a journey that strives to make today, and every day, a Perfect HSE Day -- a day without injuries, accidents or harm to the environment.

The Perfect HSE Day is a simple concept but one that all employees can connect with and embrace.  It has been a rallying cry within Baker Hughes that has achieved phenomenal results.  For the third year in a row, Baker Hughes delivered incredible successes in HSE performance in 2016.

2016 HSE Goal Performance
The Perfect HSE Day concept connects broadly with employees on a personal level, in a way that statistical improvement goals never could.  In 2016, the commitment of our employees to the Perfect HSE Day and supporting efforts delivered:

  • 62 more Perfect HSE Days
  • 88 less recordable injuries (drop of 20% in TRIR)
  • 41 less days away from work cases
  • 41 fewer SSE injuries compared to last year (a decrease of 76% in the SSE injury rate)
  • 243 less vehicle accidents (a 25% decrease in our PVAR)
  • 3% decrease in spill volumes
  • 10% decrease in resource usage

Road Transportation Safety Performance
To better direct our efforts on the accidents that we could affect, we narrowed our focus to preventable vehicle accidents. Using Preventable Vehicle Accident Rate (PVAR) as a new metric and our most critical performance indicator, we were rewarded with some great improvements in our transportation safety record.

For more details on our HSE performance please refer to our latest HSE and Social Responsibility Report.

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