What Lies Beneath – Facilitated Learning

What can we do differently to prevent serious – and sometimes catastrophic – HSE incidents from happening?

Baker Hughes believes that the answer lies not so much in understanding how an incident occurs, but in why it occurs – because when we understand why something happens, we can take action to prevent it.

Our What Lies Beneath facilitated learning module is based on a thought-provoking hypothetical situation – presented in video form, with handouts, reminder cards, and a slide presentation with facilitator notes – that really challenges us to look beyond today’s common practices.

What Lies Beneath is open to anyone who wants to take a fresh perspective on understanding why HSE incidents occur…so we can prevent them.

Note: Files are available for download and not meant for live streaming. Video files are available in both high and low resolutions. On the next screen, select to download either the high resolution video files (longer download times) or the lower resolution video files (shorter download times). Selecting all video files will vastly increase download time. The videos are available with sub-titles in the following languages; Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

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