What Lies Beneath – Facilitated Learning

Baker Hughes is changing the way we look at incident causes – by pushing beyond the typical root cause to identify and correct the factors that allow the cause to exist.

Finding and fixing these underlying organizational and human factors not only prevents repeat incidents, but also creates an organizational foundation that finds and closes the gaps that have not yet materialized into an incident.

We developed “What Lies Beneath?” in 2016 as thought provoking, interactive learning sessions that challenge traditional thinking and allow participants to explore a different perspective on why something happened or could happen. It illustrates how human and organizational factors influence employee decisions and actions.

Our “What Lies Beneath?” is not just a forensic tool to analyze why things happened; it also can help us proactively evaluate our processes, workflow and culture, not only around HSE, but also around every other aspect of the business. We make our “What Lies Beneath?” materials freely available to anyone who wants to take a fresh perspective on understanding why HSE incidents occur…so we can prevent them.


What Lies Beneath - Job Planning

Our What Lies Beneath - Job Planning module focuses on how leadership and organizational factors affecting the steps taken during the job planning process, even months before the work takes place,...


What Lies Beneath - Situational Blindness

Our What Lies Beneath – Situational Blindness module presents a seemingly standard operation that turns into a situation that could have devastating effects.


What Lies Beneath – Failing Safely

Our What Lies Beneath – Failing Safely video uses a recent high potential incident to emphasize the fact that all individuals make mistakes. Because of this, we want strong systems surrounding our...

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