What Lies Beneath – Facilitated Learning

What can we do differently to prevent serious – and sometimes catastrophic – HSE incidents from happening?

Baker Hughes believes that the answer lies not so much in understanding how an incident occurs, but in why it occurs – because when we understand why something happens, we can take action to prevent it.

Our What Lies Beneath facilitated learning modules are based on thought-provoking hypothetical situations – presented in video form, with handouts, reminder cards, and a slide presentation with facilitator notes – that really challenge us to look beyond today’s common practices.

What Lies Beneath is open to anyone who wants to take a fresh perspective on understanding why HSE incidents occur…so we can prevent them.

Currently there are two learning modules available, which can be downloaded here.


What Lies Beneath - Job Planning

Our What Lies Beneath - Job Planning module focuses on how leadership and organizational factors affecting the steps taken during the job planning process, even months before the work takes place,...


What Lies Beneath - Situational Blindness

Our What Lies Beneath – Situational Blindness module presents a seemingly standard operation that turns into a situation that could have devastating effects.

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