What Lies Beneath - Job Planning

Our What Lies Beneath - Job Planning module focuses on how leadership and organizational factors affecting the steps taken during the job planning process, even months before the work takes place, can lead to incidents during execution of the job.

At the end of this module you will be able to challenge your team to take a different perspective and dig deeper into how your organization’s culture, processes, and leadership are critical in setting our employees up for success.

Note: Files are available for download and not meant for live streaming. Video files are available in both high and low resolutions. On the next screen, select to download either the high resolution video files (longer download times) or the lower resolution video files (shorter download times). The videos are available with sub-titles in the following languages; Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

Please download each file individually to prevent connection interruptions.    DO NOT select the Download Folder option.

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