HSE Culture

Mature interdependent safety culture

When a company has a mature safety culture, employees are more likely to recognize and act upon hazardous work conditions posing a threat to themselves and to their coworkers. To advance our safety culture, we have increased focus on key programs to drive safer behaviors and encourage sharing of lessons learned.

We engage employees in HSE by recording their observations of safe and unsafe work practices. Our Safety Observation program encourages employees to closely examine their work activities, and adopt safer attitudes and behaviors. Our employees are becoming more passionate about protecting their own safety and looking out for their fellow workers, as evidenced by the rise in the number of behavioral observations.

.Stop Work Authority

A fundamental aspect of our interdependent HSE culture is to involve everyone and ensure they are aware of their responsibility and obligation to observe, intervene and report unsafe conditions and behaviors. A crucial tool used extensively across Baker Hughes is our Stop Work Authority program, which is intended to identify and stop any unsafe acts before they happen. Every worker is obligated and is responsible for recognizing potentially unsafe conditions or behaviors, and acting immediately to stop the job until the problem is corrected. A successful Stop Work Authority program requires continued training and an ongoing expectation that management will support employees every time they stop a job.

Number of Observation Cards associated with Stop Work

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