Protecting the Environment

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Our commitment to protecting the environment begins with our HSE Policy Statement. Protection of the environment, an expectation of all employees, is supported by a series of environmental operational control procedures in our HSE Management System. These procedures provide guidance on responsible waste management and protection of air, land, and water quality.


Baker Hughes Dubai received an environmental award from the Economic Zones World (EZW) group, the Dubai company that develops and manages the Techno Park industrial park where we built our Eastern Hemisphere/Middle East region headquarters facility. The facility was the first to be constructed using our sustainable building standards and the award recognized the company for green initiatives. As an example, we applied a new sun-pipe technology to bring natural light into internal areas of the manufacturing workshops that don't have windows. This energy-free lighting technique uses sealed pipes to convey sunlight deep into the building without the heat normally associated with skylights.

We are actively involved in environmental projects in the communities where we operate. In the past, to commemorate Earth Day, our employees in Hassi Messaoud, Algeria, planted more than 150 trees, shrubs, and flowers including palms, Marguerite, roses, and fruit trees. A garden specialist was on hand to assist with planting techniques in the challenging conditions of the Sahara desert.

Our drill bit systems group utilizes an atmospheric surface rig where drilling experiments are performed on large blocks of rock. The blocks are fully utilized and as many holes as possible are drilled in the blocks, which renders them like Swiss cheese. When the experiments are complete, the large blocks of rock are taken offshore on large barges and dropped into the ocean as part of a coral reef rebuilding effort by the State of Texas. This activity supplements reef systems and protects biodiversity in the Gulf of Mexico.

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We are working hard to reduce our global carbon footprint. Learn more about our environmental performance.

We are focused on delivering solutions that meet today’s environmental challenges. See how you can protect the environment with proper treatment.

We are developing technology that minimizes the industry’s environmental impact. Find out why directional drilling is responsible drilling.

We are dedicated to discovering the technology for tomorrow’s clean energy. Hear how we can provide a clean and renewable energy resource.

Environmental Management and Investment

Baker Hughes takes a proactive approach to remediating environmental impacts whether these result from historical operations, existing activities, or are obtained in business acquisitions.

Efforts to minimize the unexpected acquisition of environmental liabilities have been enhanced through the development of more robust HSE due diligence procedures by a team of environmental professionals. We are similarly proactive in our approach to US Superfund liabilities associated with third-party waste disposal activities, actively participating in efforts to clean up these sites.

Environmental reserves are established to ensure adequate funding is available in accordance with SEC regulations, applicable Sarbanes Oxley requirements, and Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP). Internal procedures exist to govern the reserve process, which is subject to regular internal review and external audit by the company's auditing firm, DeLoitte and Touche. Environmental reserves, routine environmental costs, and capital expenditures for environmental equipment are tracked and reported in our annual 10K.


Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Improvements in energy efficiency and the associated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions support Baker Hughes sustainability objectives.


Waste Management and Reduction

Baker Hughes employees have identified novel approaches to effective waste management, minimization, and recycling.



Baker Hughes commitment to protecting the environment includes protecting habitats and biodiversity in areas where we operate.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Baker Hughes, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is central to our core values. We conduct our business in an ethical and responsible way. We’ve invested in a number of initiatives to maintain our strong CSR position for the future.

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