Waste Management and Reduction

Committed to protecting the environment

Baker Hughes employees have identified novel approaches to effective waste management, minimization, and recycling. While many facilities have succeeded in dramatic waste reductions, some have eliminated waste streams altogether.

Recycling efforts, which are maturing throughout the enterprise, have shown remarkable results, substantially reducing our environmental impact.

Reducing our environmental footprint also means ensuring sound waste disposal practices are used. We have a rigorous review, selection, and audit process of waste vendors to ensure waste materials are handled and disposed in an environmentally responsible manner.

For more information on Baker Hughes waste program and performance, please download our latest Annual HSE&S Report (see Additional Resources).

Baker Hughes is a founding member of the US Business Council for Sustainable Development, an organization dedicated to demonstrating the business value of sustainable development. We are an active participant in the By-Product Synergy Project where companies collaborate to find beneficial uses for undervalued by-product streams.

Baker Hughes commitment to environmental protection also covers our field operations. To see how we are managing waste at the well site, see the following links:


Waste Minimization Programs and Performance Results

Our approach to effective waste management is to reduce waste and capture value of materials through recycling, reuse, or conversion to energy.

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