Innovations and Technology

Innovation and technology

We invent and invest in disruptive innovation to create new technologies and solutions to transform the industry.

The tech edge

The world needs more energy, and more from energy.  Our research and development approach is to invent, accelerate, and collaborate to bring the most transformative technologies to market. We are solving some of the most complex challenges with technologies that explore the future of design and manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and computing at the edge.


Engineers and scientists


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Global innovation and education centers
Avitas Systems

Artificial intelligence

Discover how we are delivering a proven AI platform and applications to accelerate the digital transformation of the energy industry.

Avitas Systems

Asset integrity management

We are evolving asset integrity management through robotic inspection and cutting-edge analytics.

Flaring, Venting and Fugitives

Redefining the future

We are empowering entrepreneurs and technology to redefine the future of energy.

From our CMTO
"The oil and gas industry must draw on innovative technology solutions that maximize efficiency and reduce carbon footprint while delivering energy to the world."

Tech centers

Our global network of research and technology centers puts innovation close to customers and connects them to experts in every phase of our business. Our innovation centers focus on fundamental research and longer term developments. Our teams work on applied developments and innovation to address specific customer needs, conceive and develop new generation products and services. Combined, this powerful network enables us to meet both short-term and long-term industry needs.

Houston, Texas, USA

Center for Technology Innovation (CTI)

The CTI in Houston focuses on solving the industry’s toughest completions and production technology challenges, including constructing high pressure/high temperature wells, deepwater completions, and production optimization. The CTI’s capabilities include high pressure test cells, research laboratories for metallurgy, composites, and electronics, as well as rapid prototyping equipment.

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Dhahran Research & Technology Center

The Dhahran Technology Center (DTC) is located in the Kingdom’s innovation ecosystem and focuses on the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) solutions. This R&D facility accelerates digital transformation through AI, the future of design and manufacturing, energy sustainability and non-metallic capabilities. The DTC holds the country’s first 3D metal printer and collaborates with our global technology network, regional operators and Academia.

Oklahoma City, OK , USA

Energy Innovation Center North America

The EIC is a state of the art and fully operational research, development and venture capital facility, centrally located in Oklahoma City. The EIC provides the ideal backdrop for truly disruptive innovation driving advanced edge, reservoir innovation, optimized systems, intelligent control systems, energy ecology and sustainability and cyber-physical solutions across the company and direct to customers.

Montrose, Scotland

Montrose Subsea Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Montrose, Scotland is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind. The 35-acre campus brings together expertise in engineering design, manufacturing and testing of subsea equipment with state of the art training and R&D facilities. The CoE underlines our international reputation for energy innovation, developing products and services through our Subsea Connect strategy that the industry needs for the future, all while meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Rio, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro Research and Technology Center

The Rio de Janeiro Research and Technology Center (RRTC) develops cost-effective solutions for complex challenges throughout Latin America, including deepwater pre-salt reservoirs. In collaboration with local operators, universities, and research institutes, RRTC engineers and scientists are developing technology for drilling, geosciences, completion, and flow assurance to improve reservoir recovery and productivity while reducing project cost.

Florence, Italy

Turbomachinery and Process Solutions Research Center

The TPS center supports the development of gas turbines and centrifugal compressors with a 5-120MW power range and associated digital technologies across 15 labs and advanced manufacturing capabilities. Through this innovation lab network, the latest efforts include breakthroughs in innovative materials, 3D scanning, and printing for additive manufacturing, and the use of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital twin, and sensor labs to introduce increasingly lighter and smaller machines to the industry.

Tomball, Texas, USA

Pressure Pumping Technology Center

The Pressure Pumping Technology Center (PPTC) in Tomball, Texas develops efficient and effective pressure pumping solutions that reduce hydraulic fracturing time and optimize well performance. PPTC is part of an integrated facility that includes research, engineering, training and manufacturing to understand and solve pressure pumping challenges and deliver better wells.

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