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Baker Hughes Unveils Innovative ThermaStim™ Technology for Geothermal Energy to Unlock Full Well Potential

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Baker Hughes Unveils Innovative ThermaStim™ Technology for Geothermal Energy to Unlock Full Well Potential

November 29, 2023

  • Technology cuts costs and maintains wellbore integrity with in-situ acid generation
  • New approach enhances operational safety and lessens environmental burden

HOUSTON – Nov. 29, 2023 – With the unveiling of ThermaStim, Baker Hughes is pioneering a first-of-its-kind approach in the geothermal energy sector. This low corrosive, in-situ acidizing system represents a novel method of harnessing geothermal energy with improved safety and enhanced production. 

A standout feature of ThermaStim is its zero reactivity and corrosivity at surface. Where traditional acids in geothermal wells often react immediately near wellbore, ThermaStim activates deeper in the formation under the high temperature conditions found in geothermal formations. This unique quality ensures deeper penetration into the reservoir with low fluid volumes, allowing for improved stimulation.

Moreover, while many conventional solutions demand 40 percent or greater of the total fluid cost due to inhibition, ThermaStim saves cost on corrosion inhibitors. The in-situ acid generation triggered by temperature allows for protection of wellbore tubulars and downhole equipment without the need for an expensive corrosion package. It is safer on metallurgy and better for wellbore integrity, allowing operators to focus on production goals.

Safety and operational efficiency are paramount in ThermaStim’s design. The technology eliminates the need for acid tanks, making it safe to handle on location and reducing the carbon emissions and environmental and logistical challenges associated with transporting large acid volumes. The in-situ design reduces HSE concerns as  there is no handling or pumping live acids.

“ThermaStim represents Baker Hughes’ unwavering commitment to pioneering in the energy sector, particularly reflecting our strength over the past 40 years in geothermal energy. By introducing this unique approach to geothermal extraction, we're enabling our clients to position for new frontiers, meeting the evolving demands of the energy transition,” said Rodrigo Farias, vice president of Pressure Pumping at Baker Hughes. “Our aim is to tap into the Earth's power in a safer and more efficient manner.”

Baker Hughes’ innovation promises to be a cornerstone for energy producers and stakeholders dedicated to advancing geothermal production practices. ThermaStim will empower operators to unlock the full potential of geothermal energy while reducing environmental risk and carbon footprint.

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