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In badly damaged reservoirs, production or injection rates often decline to the point where the well is no longer a viable asset. Many of these reservoirs have been damaged by natural emulsions, fine particles, or interaction with oil-based mud. The result is often a shortfall in production and lack of return on investment.

Baker Hughes offers MICRO-WASH, a high-definition remediation (HDR) system, providing you with a clearer picture of the value of your reservoir. MICRO-WASH combines customized, proprietary technology with application expertise to rapidly remediate damaged reservoirs, bringing your most valuable assets back into productivity.

MICRO-WASH is field-proven to deliver exceptional increases in production in severely damaged wells and is acknowledged by the industry as being at the leading edge of technology and performance.

MICRO-WASH is designed to remediate reservoirs previously drilled with oil-based mud. It starts working immediately to solubilize oil and emulsions, dispersing the filter cake and altering the wettability of solids. The ultimate result is vastly improved production or injection rates in previously damaged wells.

MICRO-WASH is fully customized and can be designed and applied to remediate your reservoirs, regardless of the oil-based mud type used to drill the well. Contact your local Baker Hughes representative today to find out how we can help  you get your most valuable assets back to production.


Case Study
MICRO-WASH treatment broke up filter cakes, increased 1,000 BOPD
pdf: 36.78 KB
.pdf 36.78 KB
Case Study
MICRO-WASH increased production capacity in U.K. North Sea well
pdf: 372.07 KB
.pdf 372.07 KB
MICRO-WASH invert emulsion drill-in fluid filter cake breaker
pdf: 105.67 KB
.pdf 105.67 KB

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