Gas lift valves from Baker Hughes ensure efficient gas injection to maximize your oil production. Whatever your well’s geometry or requirements for continuous or intermittent lift, we have a valve solution to optimize your operation.

  • Injection pressure and production pressure-operated valves
  • Tubing retrievable valves
  • Wireline-retrievable orifice, dummy, circulating, and chemical injection valves


Reliable performance

Our gas lift valves are designed for installation in any Baker Hughes side pocket and tubing retrievable mandrel. They are also fully compatible with mandrels provided from other manufacturers to give you greater installation flexibility and versatility. 

Designed for durability and reliable performance, our gas lift valves share many common features, including:

  • An integral reverse flow check valve to prevent reverse flow communication
  • Stainless steel construction, with other premium materials available for extreme downhole conditions
  • Standard neoprene packing, with other materials available
  • A standard temperature rating of up to 250°F (121°C)

Ensure optimal valve performance in your continuous flow gas lift systems with the BOTipod™ gas lift software. Using well parameters such as expected production rate, flowing wellhead pressure, depth of well, and tubing/casing size, the software helps optimize valve placement in the well. You’ll get assurances that multiple gas lift valves are optimally spaced, with the ideal valve opening and closing pressures to deliver your desired production rate.

Contact us to learn how gas lift valves from Baker Hughes can optimize the performance of your gas lift system.

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