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  • High burst and collapse ratings
  • Reduced CAPEX with a net positive environmental impact
  • Significantly reduced surface infrastructure
  • Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) wells
  • Comingled, separate, or selective production
  • Infill drilling from existing wellbores



Shift your approach to planning steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) wells with the Baker Hughes SAGD XC Splitter Multilateral System. A robust TAML Level 5 manufactured multilateral junction, the system offers an economic path to expanded SAGD production by enabling infill drilling from existing wellbores—without the need for additional surface infrastructure.

This unique approach gives you access to untapped bitumen reserves, resulting in a net improvement to steam-to-oil ratio. The SAGD XC Splitter Multilateral System helps you extend your SAGD production with less impact to the surrounding environment and with a lower CAPEX spend. Contact us to learn how the SAGD XC Splitter Multilateral System can optimize completion plans in your SAGD wells.

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