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  • Get simplified deployment with no running tools required
  • Ensure long-term isolation with continuous reaction to wellbore fluids
  • Install multiple packers in series to create a long isolation element

  • Well completion operations
  • Openhole packer applications



The REFlex™ reactive element packer from Baker Hughes gives you additional deployment flexibility while simplifying your completions operations.

This field-installable packer is designed to be installed onto nominal API base pipe. The packer is built with a rigid steel cage that is surrounded by Baker Hughes' reactive element rubber. The element is available as either an oil-swelling or water-swelling compound, with activation initiated upon contact with wellbore fluids.


Get assured isolation and application flexibility

The reactive element continuously reacts to your wellbore fluids to provide a long-term, irreversible barrier that eliminates the need for cement. The oil-swellable REFlex packer is qualified up to 500 psi, while the water-swellable packer is qualified up to 250 psi.

The swell rate is dependent on several factors in your wellbore, including downhole temperature, fluid conditions, and exposed rubber surface area, Our application specialists stand ready to help you select the optimal tool design and swell rate for your specific wellbore conditions.

The tool is installed over the existing mandrel. A hardened steel pin draws the packer’s fingers together to create a dry fit onto the pipe. The interference fit of the design allows for significant dry friction to hold the element in place while running in the hole.

The REFlex packer is designed for various nominal pipe sizes, with additional optional outer diameters (ODs) available to meet a wide range of hole requirements.

Contact us to learn how the REFlex reactive element packer can optimize your completions operations while delivering assured zonal isolation.

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