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  • Ensure reliable seal to pressure differentials up to 10,000 psi
  • Enable fast run-in without fear of impact damage or premature setting
  • Eliminate spacing out or landing problems with rotation-free setting mechanism

  • Permanent or temporary bridge plug requirements
  • Permanent squeeze or testing packer applications



Ensure a reliable, robust seal with the SB-3H™ hydrostatic-set retainer production packer from Baker Hughes. Part of the industry-standard Signature series of completion packers, the SB-3H packer is based on the design specifications of the proven SB-3™ hydraulic-set retainer production packer.

A one-trip completion packer, the SB-3H is run in on the tubing string rather than wireline. The hydrostatic-set packer includes an atmospheric chamber and rupture disk that work to set the packer by the applied hydrostatic weight of the fluid—without having to plug off the tubing and apply pressure to set.

The SB-3H incorporates a packing element that resists swab-off and packs off securely when the packer is set. Two opposed sets of full-circle, full-strength slips ensure that the packer will remain properly set. Long-term seal integrity is further assured with O-rings supported by backup rings.

You can set the packer without rotation or reciprocation, thus eliminating any spacing out or landing problems. And because the packer’s seal assembly acts as a seal nipple after the packer is set, you’re assured a single-run completion.

The SB-3H packer’s slim-line design and solid construction enables faster run-in, without the risks of impact damage or premature setting, which can save you significant rig time.

Contact us to learn how the SB-3H hydrostatic-set retainer production packer can optimize your completions operations.

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