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Our ConFINE™ fines stabilizer system increases long-term production by preventing fines migration to the near-wellbore area. This solution maintains gravel and proppant permeability and stops completions plugging, erosion, or surface facility clogging.

ConFINE system treatments use nanoparticle technology to capture migrating fines in a frac pack. Rather than relying on oily, sticky, or tacky filming agents for fines fixation, ConFINE system treatments use a special, solid material that is manufactured to nanometer particle size.

These nanoparticles have an affinity for proppants, gravels, swelling and migrating clays, silicates, and other formation fines. In laboratory testing, ConFINE system technology has been shown to retain 20 times its weight of formation fines.

This material is added to fracturing proppant or gravel-pack sand to stabilize formation fines and prevent fines migration. The material is converted into slurry form for field use, and the product is applied to the frac blender using a liquid additive pump.


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