• Reduce nonproductive time (NPT) with single-trip completions across multiple intervals
  • Accurately place fracture treatments with reliable tool positioning
  • Select or commingle production to maximize hydrocarbon recovery

  • Deepwater completions
  • Single-trip gravel-packed completions
  • Frac-packed completions across multiple intervals, and completions environments requiring sand control

Lower your operating costs and risks in high-sand environments with the MST™ multizone, single-trip completion system from Baker Hughes. Unlike conventional stack-pack operations requiring trip-in/trip-out to complete each zone, the MST completion system reduces non-productive time (NPT) by allowing gravel- or frac-packed completions across multiple intervals, in the same trip.


Deepwater design delivers record-setting performance

Along with reducing your completion time, the award-winning system delivers efficiency gains in high-cost, deepwater environments. The system also includes several other features and benefits, including the ability to:

  • Treat multiple pay zones nonsequentially
  • Select or commingle production to maximize hydrocarbon recovery
  • Place fracture treatments more accurately with reliable tool positioning during pumping operations
  • Treat at a faster rate in a shorter time thanks to a large flow area

The MST completion system has amassed an impressive track record of reliable operation in hundreds of completions. The system was successfully applied to a deepwater Gulf of Mexico well with a depth of 8,103 m (26,585 ft), which was the deepest frac-packed well in the world at the time. The operation did not incur any lost-time incidents or NPT related to the MST completion system, and the operator saved millions of dollars in reduced rig time alone.


Design upgrades keep pace with operational needs

The MST completion system continues to evolve to meet future challenges, particularly in deepwater completions. Ongoing advances include integrating intelligent production technology, which helps optimize well control. The system accommodates a feed-through production string for hydraulic and electric lines to reach monitoring and remote flow control equipment.

The MST completion system also addresses deepwater challenges with design upgrades including increased pressure ratings and improved erosion-resistant fracturing port technology.

Our design experts use computational fluid dynamic models to predict erosion rates and high-rate flow loop testing to simulate worst-case erosion scenarios. The result – reliable single-trip completion systems for your most challenging deepwater environments.

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