• Preserve formation integrity while boosting production rates by effectively cleaning deposits-laden zones
  • Get a single additive that can be mixed in varying concentrations and brines up to 9%
  • Avoid the need for a breaker as system breaks effectively in the presence of hydrocarbons

  • Sandstone simulation and diversion
  • Zones with differing permeability and formation pressures
  • Deepwater formations prone to organic deposition



Improve your stimulation efficiency with the proven diversion performance of the Divert™ SP diverting agent from Baker Hughes.

The solids-free Divert SP is a viscous, water-based, polymer-free viscoelastic surfactant (VES) designed for use with stimulation treatments such as hydrochloric acid (HCI), solvent systems, and hydrofluoric acid (HF) for sandstone diversion applications.


Boost production rates with targeted fluid delivery

Unlike typical well treatments, in which stimulation fluids will choose the path of least resistance when pumped into the formation, Divert SP ensures that stimulation fluids are more evenly distributed and delivered to your targeted zone. Work with our stimulation experts to design a Divert SP treatment that ensures slower flow into the higher permeability zones, which forces fluids into areas of lower permeability caused by organic deposition. This often results in better treatment and boosted production from zones that would ordinarily be more resistant to injection.

And because Divert SP is a nonionic surfactant, it is ideal for treating your oil and gas reservoirs where minimizing formation damage while effectively diverting a stimulation treatment is the goal.

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