• Effectively inhibits most types of mineral scales
  • Minimize costs and optimize treat rates with easily monitored residuals
  • Get effective inhibition over wide temperature range

  • Onshore and offshore
  • Conventional and unconventional oil and gas wells
  • Production and stimulation



Get assured, cost-effective mitigation of scales in wide-ranging applications with Scaletrol™ scale inhibitors from Baker Hughes.

Scaletrol scale inhibitors are low-molecular-weight compound-polymer systems designed for effective control of carbonate and sulfate scales in a wide range of reservoir applications.


Get assured scale protection all along your wellbore

Scaletrol scale inhibitors are designed to be pumped into the formation with a pad at the same time the well is fractured. This places the inhibitor along the entire length of the fracture, allowing for complete protection along the formation/ proppant interface. Additionally, this treatment carries the protection all the way up to the surface.

The system is thermally stable and effectively inhibits the deposition of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and barium sulfate scales in both fresh and brine water. It can be applied in a water-based fracturing treatment and is compatible with crosslinked borate and slickwater fracturing fluids.

Scaletrol inhibitors are members of the SmartCareTM family of environmentally responsible chemical solutions, which helps ensure that your technical performance and environmental priorities are achieved. These products have been methodically vetted for health, safety, and environmental criteria, performance, consistency, compatibility, and value.

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