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  • Shift multiple sleeves up or down in one trip, with proof of a completed shift
  • Get positive identification when the desired sleeve is reached
Other Benefits

  • Ensure effective shifting without debris collecting in the mechanism



Shifting tools from Baker Hughes give you assured opening and closing of your sliding sleeves and isolation valves. Our range of shifting tools are easily deployed on coiled tubing or wireline and provide a safe, controlled method of opening and closing one or multiple downhole tools in a single well.

Optimize your completion time by running the shifting tools through multiple sliding sleeves, with no risk of actuation. Automatic locating ensures that your tool has reached the desired sleeve or valve. A key retainer then uncovers the keys to actuate the tool, which is easily verified at the surface.

Move the shifting tool to the next valve or sleeve to repeat the operation, all without having to retrieve the tool to surface first. Our shifting tools operate reliably for any number of sleeves in your well, without the risk of debris collecting in the keys to hinder their operation.

Open and close your valves and sleeves, of the same size, in any combination or sequence for improved well control.

Contact us to learn how our shifting tools can optimize the flow control in your wells.

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