• Provides high-integrity seal without conventional failure modes
  • Withstands pressures and temperatures exceeding 28,000 psi and 450ºF
  • Allows larger tubing without sacrificing the full opening for maximized production

  • Big bore completions
  • High gas flow rate applications



Ensure high-rate production in your big bore, gas production, and high-flow-rate applications with the Onyx™ tubing retrievable subsurface safety valve from Baker Hughes.

This surface-controlled safety valve combines a sophisticated, patented closure mechanism and premium housing threads to produce the industry’s first tubing-retrievable safety valve (TRSV) with full-opening production in smaller casing sizes. These design features give you the benefits of:

  • Lower cost of a smaller, slimline outside diameter (OD) casing
  • Flexibility in completions design
  • Increased production typical of larger tubing sizes

The Onyx valve also gives you broader application coverage while running capillary lines for downhole instrumentation or chemical injection, and cables for electric submersible pump operation. You can also install dual completions.

The Onyx valve incorporates a nonelastomeric dynamic seal assembly that operates reliably at pressures and temperatures exceeding 28,000 psi (1,930.5 bar) and 450°F (232°C). And the valve’s RBT housing seals and two-step metal-to-metal sealing system ensure reliable strength and sealing capabilities under the most extreme conditions.

Contact us today to discover how Onyx subsurface safety valve can maximize production rates at minimum costs in your big bore completions.

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