• Withstands extreme pressures and temperatures exceeding 28,000 psi (1,931 bar) and 450°F (232°C)
  • Provides 100% containment of wellbore fluids when valve is closed with metal-to-metal seal technology
  • Protects sealing integrity during wireline operations with damage-resistant flapper

  • Shallow-set (<1,000 ft [305 m]) well applications
  • Interventions deploying equipment via wireline
  • Applications for smaller tubing sizes from 2.375 in. to 3.5 in.



Maintaining fluid control and well protection is critical in your shallow depth well operations. The SelecT™ subsurface safety valve from Baker Hughes addresses the unique challenges that shallow set safety valves (typically <1,000 ft) endure.

The tubing-retrievable SelecT valve includes an ultra-strong power spring that delivers the high closing forces needed to reliably and consistently close the valve in the presence of paraffin and other produced solids.

The SelecT is engineered to avoid failures due to wireline damage during downhole interventions. The valve’s advanced flapper design prevents damage and ensures that all seal surfaces are protected from wireline contact—even during accidental closure of the valve during wireline operations.

Ensure greater seal integrity with the SelecT valve’s patented advances that include thru-the-flapper self-equalizing system. And the radial punch control fluid communication system eliminates accidental communication associated with linear shifting sleeves.

Discover how the SelecT subsurface safety valve can provide reliable well protection for your shallow set completions.

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