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  • Easily and quickly share data for real-time analysis and post analysis
  • View DTS trace updating in temperature versus depth during a specific time period
  • Present DTS data in different ways, including temporal and spatial temperature gradient

  • Monitoring of production, inflow, injection, and frac operations
  • Gas lift status change alerts
  • Wellbore compaction



Minimize the complexity, cost, and time of managing your downhole fiber-optic distributed data sets with ProductionLink™ optical solutions from Baker Hughes. The flexible, web-based service seamlessly transmits, stores, and visualizes distributed temperature sensing (DTS), distributed strain sensing (DSS), and distributed acoustics sensing (DAS) data for fast access and analysis—anywhere and at any time.


Scalable, seamless data management

Traditional downhole data management methods, including SCADA systems and file folder architecture, are often overwhelmed by the volume of data sets measured in your wells. The result: delays that prevent real-time analysis and decision-making. And, a lack of a uniform data management process makes retrieving, calibrating, and visualizing data time consuming and challenging.

ProductionLink optical solutions simplify your data management and integration. These solutions are deployed as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to give you a flexible, web-based service that seamlessly transmits, stores, and visualizes DTS, DSS, and DAS data. Deploying the offering as a SaaS also reduces your workload and costs by eliminating excess hardware, software, and licenses.

ProductionLink optical solutions include an interactive, web-based dashboard that lets you track temperature, strain, and acoustic readings in each asset, across both time and depth. The dashboard also lets you combine your DTS, DSS, and DAS data with other surface and downhole information, including well logs, schematics, and trajectories. Through integrated visualization of these different data types, you can rapidly identify trends, patterns, and anomalies to diagnose downhole conditions, enhance production, and improve overall recovery.

ProductionLink optical solutions use production mark-up language (PRODML) DTS/DAS standards to simplify the management and integration of data with common applications and across vendors. You can quickly and easily share your data, as well as track meta data and save multiple versions—all without losing any raw data in the process.

You’ll also get instant access to complete data sets along the entire wellbore, thanks to the service’s ability to transmit and store high volumes of data in real time. And because the service is scalable, you have the flexibility to track the performance of multiple fields or just a few select wells within a single, easy-to-use interface.

And as your well performance tracking needs evolve, Baker Hughes is ready with comprehensive technical support and automatic system updates deployed through the web.

Contact us today to learn how ProductionLink optical solutions can help you unlock the full value of your DTS, DSS, and DAS data for improved well performance.


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