• Precisely controls foamed cement operations
  • Automatically controls multiple additives and two nitrogen pumps

  • Accepts programs for up to 50 stages
  • Controls liquid additive injection rates of up to 10 gpm (37.9 L/min)



Get assured, reliable foam cement jobs, both onshore and offshore, with the Baker Hughes automated foam cement system (AFCS).  By automating the precise injection of nitrogen and multiple additives during cement slurry mixing, the AFCS helps ensure high-quality foam cement operations for your wells.


Ensure an accurate cement job in less time

These automation advances provide the designed downhole cement density, which optimizes well control and wellbore isolation. The AFCS controller can be programmed to inject volumes in fixed ratios to the flow rate of the base slurry, at fixed rates, or at varying rates while performing a ramping operation.

Test results show that the AFCS provides an injection accuracy greater than 99% for the additives and greater than 98% for the nitrogen.

The proprietary CemFACTS™ cementing simulation software program can be used with AFCS technology to further enhance the design and execution of your foamed cementing job.

The AFCS is modular for easy mode and de-modes and has an optimized footprint for both onshore and offshore applications. Components include:

  • Liquid additive skid
  • Nitrogen flowmeter skid
  • MCM-1011 automated control system
  • Mass flow meter (slurry and density rates)
  • Hydraulic power unit for liquid additive skids
  • Nitrogen unit control box and hydraulic displacement control
  • Inlet valving for liquid additives
  • Foaming tee and skid
  • Command and control cabin

Contact us today to learn how our automated foam cement system can optimize your well cementing operations

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