Decades of experience and the industry’s biggest installed base allows us to predict well behavior

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Subsea Installation and Commissioning

As a world-class subsea life-of-field equipment and services provider we get your projects online efficiently, wherever they are, by leveraging decades of know-how, unrivaled tooling packages and flexible partnerships.

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Asset Integrity

We share our field performance with customers from start to finish, ensuring that your field stays relevant, online and safe all while reducing TOTEX and risk.

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Subsea Connect Intervention Solutions

We improve our customer's recovery with the highest certainty at the lowest economic lift cost.


Wellheads, Premium Cases and Connectors

We have the most installed wellheads in the world. We operate in challenging environments with ultra-reliable performance throughout life-of-field. We can be anywhere you need us, anytime you need us.

Subsea Connect enables three specific outcomes:

  • Accelerate time to first production
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TOTEX)
  • Maximize recovery over the life of your field

Only Baker Hughes can connect your entire subsea development process horizontally and vertically.  Our long history of excellence in the industry and comprehensive set of knowledge, technology, industrial capacity and capability delivers:

Horizontally (-), through the life of the field, from concept to decommissioning, enabled by:
  • Early Engagement—By partnering early in an integrated manner, we maximize value through the project lifecycle by making the most of opportunities to add value. The earlier we engage, the easier it is for us to effect change and reduce risk.
  • Flexible partnerships and commercial models - Our flexible partnership model ensures we work with partners best suited to your specific needs—based on geography, capabilities and a range of other factors. This allows us to further meet your needs and improve project economics.
Vertically (I), by deploying technologies and services that radically improve economic outcomes and maximize recovery:
  • Reservoir to topside technology solutions - Subsea Connect brings our entire portfolio of solutions, products and technologies together to deliver real value.

Our suite of subsea integrated solutions is designed to maximize recovery and extend the life-of-field. All of this is enabled by our Subsea Connect digital solutions, which employ advanced analytics and intelligence to drive greater uptime and enhance productivity.

As the global energy industry continues to transition, Subsea Connect is more crucial than ever for decarbonizing your operations.

There is no other solution on the market like it.

Transform your subsea operations. Baker Hughes has the technology to help you maximize output and revenue while minimizing risk and downtime
Why Aptara?

We’re reimagining the subsea landscape with Aptara™, making installation, production, and interventions more efficient while lowering the overall cost of ownership. 

Our Aptara™ TOTEX-lite subsea system is designed for the life of field and uses standard, modular and compact components that allow custom configurations to suit customer requirements, reducing lead times and increasing value.

Aptara is the bedrock of our vendor-led approach, powering executional excellence through standardization, repeatability and predictability—all at a faster pace.

Driven by Aptara, we are taking energy forward.

Low carbon solutions for the energy transition and beyond

The Aptara suite of structured technologies has been designed to drastically reduce energy intensity and carbon emissions at every step of its manufacturing and operation processes to help you reach your emissions reduction goals.

The Aptara suite of technologies has been designed and configured to predict and adapt to the evolving requirements of the life of the reservoir, sustaining and prolonging efficient production and, by doing so, contributing significantly to lowering the carbon emissions per barrel produced.

Digital asset management

engageSubsea is a real-time, modular platform that can be deployed during any state in a field’s life cycle for proactive asset management and instant troubleshooting as the point of digital dialogue for all subsea activities.

Leveraging almost 100 years of industry expertise, combined with best-in-class software technologies, engageSubsea deploys an ecosystem of elements with proven ability to reduce downtime and overall OPEX.

Building on the foundations of engageDrilling, Baker Hughes created a subsea platform with the holistic goal of creating a full-scale digital enablement tool. engageSubsea goes beyond data visualization to provide a cohesive solution enabling proactive management of the asset lifecycle.  

Delivering results every time in every environment

Baker Hughes is the only energy technology provider with a comprehensive portfolio of systems and products capable of delivering optimal subsea solutions. We connect subsurface development options with the best reservoir and topside technology solutions in the oil and gas market today to solutions that meet or exceed even your most demanding requirements in the harshest conditions.

Intervention Solutions
Subsea Connect Intervention Solutions deliver cost reduction and increased productivity by as much as 50% each by leveraging our industry-leading technology and talent, extensive experience and expertise in project management

Our Intervention Solutions are a truly integrated offering that deliver unparalleled value to our customers. Baker Hughes brings our proven track record in adjacent services such as reservoir, well services, well access, best-in-class service facilities, personnel, and project management and digital tools. Our customers enjoy an economic return model unlike any other in the industry.

Reduce costs and optimize cash flow

Optimize your cash flow by reducing operational costs through faster pumping rates and lower vessel rates, which lead to improved production. Many of our customers have seen improvements of 40 to 50%.

Best-in-class equipment

Baker Hughes provides life-of-field subsea intervention with best-in-class equipment and services including scale squeeze, hydrate removal, acid stimulation, and flow assurance.

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