• Improves recovery rate
  • Optimizes stimulation stage effectiveness
  • Reduces job time, trips downhole, footprint, and costs

  • Production, injection, and stimulation optimization
  • Sand detection
  • Sub cool optimization



While coiled tubing has been used in conventional acid stimulation for decades, the ability to accurately determine stimulation stage placement from the surface has remained a challenge. SureVIEW™ sensor packages from Baker Hughes allow for real-time monitoring and optimization of your acid stimulation via custom-designed, fiber-optics technology. With SureVIEW sensor packages, you can optimize your acid placement, stage effectiveness, and ultimately improve productivity, while reducing job time, trips downhole, overall footprint, and costs.


Improve your stimulation jobs with proven sensing solutions

SureVIEW sensors are robust, reliable fiber-optic cable packages in the SureVIEW™ Coil line of downhole sensing services.

As part of the SureVIEW Coil distributed temperature sensing (DTS) service, our sensors measure temperature behavior due to fluid flow.  After the SureVIEW sensors record the baseline temperature along your well’s area of interest, subsequent temperature measurements are recorded and communicated to the surface during acid treatments. This allows for real-time adjustments, improving your stimulation effectiveness and maximizing production rates.

Ensure a more robust solution with the distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) capabilities of our SureVIEW sensors. The optical fiber obtains raw data generated by acoustic monitoring and streamlines the information into smaller and more manageable data formats, helping you optimize reservoir performance.

This portfolio of optical fiber sensing technologies is fully integrated in coiled tubing and measures a continuous temperature profile along the wellbore during stimulation, allowing for uniform treatment of the appropriate zones.

Discover how SureVIEW sensor packages can help you optimize stimulation, lower treatment costs, and enhance your production.

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