Optimize your specialist coiled tubing operations, with fewer missteps or delays, with coiled tubing (CT) telemetry services from Baker Hughes. Our dynamic data telemetry sensors and systems have been thoroughly engineered and proven in the field to make your CT operations safer, more predictable, and reliable.

Services like our TeleCoil™ intelligent coiled tubing system deliver real-time downhole information, such as collar location to deliver the necessary depth accuracy for precision applications including perforating and zonal isolation. Bottomhole and tool differential pressure and temperature information let you continually optimize your applications including milling, stimulation, cleanouts, and gas lifting.

And as your well interventions become more complicated, costly, and time consuming, our research engineering team continues to innovate new CT telemetry systems. These innovations are designed to keep pace with your intervention needs—saving you time and costs in the process.

Contact us today to learn how Baker Hughes coiled tubing telemetry services can optimize your specialist CT operations.

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Coiled tubing telemetry services

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