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Welcome to Reuter-Stokes

Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, designs and manufactures mission-critical measuring devices for precise radiation measurement, pressurized and boiling water reactor monitoring, UV flame detection, and downhole sensors for directional drilling.

Based in Twinsburg, Ohio, Reuter-Stokes offers more than six decades of on-going expertise in the design, manufacture, and installation of its extensive portfolio of gamma and neutron detection technologies.  Now an industry leader, the company excels in extensive research, development, and production of high-quality detectors for a broad range of radiation monitoring applications. 

More than 100,000 Reuter-Stokes detectors provide consistent and reliable radiation measurement services around the world. Every detector supports instrumentation, from reactor monitoring and security applications to neutron research and oil exploration.

Industry Applications
Homeland Security

At the forefront of neutron and gamma detection technologies for more than 60 years, Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, has led the industry in researching, designing and manufacturing quality detectors for a broad range of radiation monitoring uses. Reuter-Stokes offers a comprehensive line of detectors for Homeland Security applications:


  • B10Plus+ Neutron Detectors
  • Boron-10 Lined Proportional Counters
  • Helium-3 Gas Filled Proportional Detectors
  • Neutron Fission Counters and Chambers
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Downhole Solutions

We have a wide range of gamma and neutron products designed for accuracy, reliability, and durability in the most extreme downhole conditions. 

And with more than 30 years of experience, Reuter-Stokes' portfolio of custom-designed orientation modules provides unsurpassed accuracy, reliability, and configuration flexibility.

Sensor Probes
Neutron Scattering

Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, offers a combination of 3He filled position-sensitive proportional counters (known as Position-Sensitive Detectors, or PSDs) or standard 3He detectors such as the NeuAcq* Electronics System and the 3He Detector 8Pack.

All provide high-efficiency neutron detection with high-speed electronics in all-vacuum, partial-vacuum, and non-vacuum applications.

Nuclear Reactor Monitoring (BWR & PWR)

Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, provides critical components to the Nuclear Instrumentation System (NIS) for source (SR), intermediate (IR) and power range(PR) neutron detectors, including guarded (WG) and unguarded (WU) wide-range detectors. A leader in nuclear instrumentation, Reuter-Stokes offers more than 60 years’ experience in the field, with thousands of gamma and neutron detectors deployed. 

Reuter-Stokes also offers additional components to support Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) and Boiling Water Reactors (BWR)  including environmental monitoring of ion chambers, gamma thermometer LPRM probes, dry tube assemblies, position indicators, and water chemistry probes.

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Environmental Radiation Monitoring

With more than 1,100 units in use since the launch of its previous generation, RSDetection* remains rooted in the 40+ year legacy of performance-proven high-pressure ionization chamber technology, offering higher sensitivity, reliability, and stability when compared to alternative gamma detection devices on the market.

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Flame Monitoring

Reuter-Stokes' UV-based Flame Tracker is standard OEM on gas turbines, as well as across solutions such as industrial and petro-chem on many models, while the FTD 325 evolved from the standard model to help ISP's and end-users reduce maintenance costs.

The Flame Tracker Dry also removes the risk of damage from complex water-cooling systems by safeguarding temperature-sensitive components – the sensor end in particular – from exposure to extreme temperatures.

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Featured Solutions
UV Flame Detectors

Reuter-Stokes is well-known in the industry for its reliable Flame Tracker family of flame sensors. Both the UV-based Flame Tracker and the Flame Tracker Dry FTD325 are standard OEM and help reduce maintenance costs while removing the risk of damage from complex water-cooling systems by safeguarding temperature-sensitive components.

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3He Neutron Detectors

Our 3He-filled neutron detectors are designed to offer the optimal combination of high efficiency and sensitivity, with excellent gamma discrimination and vibration response - all in the most compact package possible. 

3He Neutron Detectors
Gamma-Ray Scintillation Detectors

Reuter-Stokes tailors every scintillation detector to your exact specifications.

We provide a broad range of detector configurations, including virtually any crystal size, mounting, and interface adaptations, as well as built-in radioactive check sources.

Using the highest quality materials and cutting-edge design, Reuter-Stokes is committed to engineering its sensors to meet strict customer specifications.

10B Neutron Detectors

The 10B Neutron Detectors are ideal for neutron detection in mixed neutron and gamma fields. With the proper electronics and discriminator settings, these detectors operate at gamma dose rates up to 103 R/hr with an approximate 50% reduction in neutron sensitivity. 

Applications ideal for this type of detector include spent nuclear fuel measurements in safeguards and start-up neutron detectors for nuclear research reactors.

Ex-Core Detectors

Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, provides critical components to the Nuclear Instrumentation System (NIS) for source (SR), intermediate (IR) and power range (PR) neutron detectors, including guarded (WG) and unguarded(WU) wide-range detectors.

Reuter-Stokes also offers additional components to support Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) and Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) including environmental monitoring of:

  • ion chambers
  • gamma thermometer LPRM probes
  • dry tube assemblies
  • position indicators
  • water chemistry probes
Directional Sensors & Orientation Modules

Reuter-Stokes’ orientation modules are designed for efficient operation in a compact, rugged chassis

By providing accurate and stable survey measurements, with minimal downhole power consumption, the module has helped customers lower operational costs associated with downhole batteries and enabled the horizontal drilling techniques required for unconventional resource development.

Combining robust packaging with high-temperature electronics, our orientation modules are calibrated to deliver accurate survey data over a wide operating temperature range from -20˚C to 175˚C (-4˚F to 347˚F), with downhole vibration up to 20 grms.

Position-Sensitive Proportional Counters

Reuter-Stokes offers 3He filled position-sensitive proportional counters, otherwise known as Position Sensitive Detectors or PSDs, and standard 3He detectors for the neutron scattering industry.

These Reuter-Stokes detectors, used in neutron scattering facilities throughout the world, have become the industry’s benchmark detectors, providing scalable solutions for every instrument from SANS to Time-of-Flight.

Data Acquisition Systems for Spectroscopy

Reuter-Stokes' NeuAcq* Electronics System, the next-generation data acquisition electronics system for neutron scattering, provides superior speed and accuracy for time-stamping and processing neutron events. 

NeuAcq* is a Linux and Ethernet-based system with Precision Time Protocol (PTP), Power over Ethernet (POE), and standard TCP/IP network communications. 

ADARA compliant, NeuAcq* supports EPICS control systems and is compatible with Mantid visualization and data processing software.

Reuter-Stokes ISO Certificates 2022

Quality Certification

As part of its ongoing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Reuter-Stokes is committed to maintaining ISO9001:2015 with Design and AS9100:2016 with Design certifications. We were recently audited (2021) and certifications were renewed by the auditing agency, Smithers Quality Assessments.