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Introducing VitalyX†, the revolutionary digital lubrication oil monitoring system from Bently Nevada, in partnership with Shell. Lubrication oil is not only the lifeblood of your machines, but it is a key indicator of potentially unseen issues which can cause reduced asset performance, or catastrophic loss of asset.

VitalyX combines world class sensing technologies with unmatched data science, edge computing and cloud connectivity capabilities, along with a deep domain knowledge of machines and heritage in condition-based monitoring.

Current lubrication oil monitoring practices involve manual sampling and laboratory testing, which can be prone to human error and delays of multiple weeks, leaving you and your equipment vulnerable to failure or a drop in performance.


digital lubrication oil monitoring system

VitalyX works by deploying sensors to critical assets which collect key information about the lubrication oil and machine in real-time. The VitalyX edge computer then sends that data to the cloud where proprietary algorithms and machine learning capabilities convert the lubricant data into alerts/alarms, meaningful insights, and recommendations for your asset.

VitalyX measures up to 15 parameters of lubrication oil, and combines them to give you a detailed picture of your assets health. All parameters have been proven to be comparable to laboratory results, in accordance with relevant ASTM specifications.


condition-based monitoring provider

By bringing together the number 1 lubricant provider in the world with the number 1 condition-based monitoring provider in the world, VitalyX is a powerful tool that can ensure the uptime, performance and optimization of your fleet

With over 60 years of experience in condition-based monitoring, 400,000 connected machines and over 500 field service engineers deployed globally, Bently Nevada understands what it takes to protect your critical assets.

Added to this, by leveraging Shell’s lubrication oil expertise, where they have been the number 1 provider of finished lubricants for 14 consecutive years, their in-depth machine health knowledge and data science capability, VitalyX can monitor your fleet 24/7 ensuring optimal performance and safety.

VitalyX Measurement Parameters
  • Remaining useful life of oil
  • Viscosity
  • Water contamination
  • Fuel contamination
  • Oxidation
  • Nitration
  • Glycol
  • Soot
  • TBN
  • TAN
  • Wear particles

VitalyX - Digital Realtime Lubrication Oil Monitoring

Why VitalyX

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Move to condition based maintenance

VitalyX can calculate the remaining useful life of your oil, meaning that you can confidently move from inefficient and costly time based maintenance, to condition based maintenance. VitalyX will tell you when its time to change your lubrication oil.

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Prevention of catastrophic loss of asset

By continuously monitoring for contamination and wear debris and other leading indicators of imminent failure, VitalyX will alert you BEFORE an issue occurs. Saving you the cost of asset repair/replacement while also increasing your machine uptime.

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Reduction of carbon footprint

Fifty percent of used lubrication oil finds it way back to the environment as pollution. By only changing your lube when it needs to be changed, this can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, not only in saved oil, but in logistics, packaging and transportation of oil.

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Autonomy of operations

Human error is the number one cause of missed warning signs during manual sampling. Automating oil monitoring reduces both the risk of human error, but it also ensures that the need for unnecessary movement of people is reduced.

The need for VitalyX

Blue Orca Ship
Prevent loss of asset, extend maintenance cycles
  • Lubrication oil issues are the major cause of failure on a vessel with an average cost of $750,000
  • VitalyX has been proven to extend service internals up to 9x the current frequency
Marine Aerial View
A big potential save to total budget
  • 3% maintenance budget spent on lubrication monitoring programs 

  • 40% maintenance budget spent on correcting issues caused by poor lubrication oil monitoring programs
Platform Vessel
Oil changes based on condition, not time-based
  • 20% of lubrication oil changes occur at the optimum time. 40% occur too late. 40% occur too early
  • 50% of oil life wasted by following OEM change intervals
platform Vessel
IoT adoption savings
  • 75% of the marine industry have adopted digitization platforms or plan to adopt them to enhance operations.
Blue Tarpon Side View
Condition-based Monitoring
Increase the efficiency and uptime of your fleet
  • 89% of machinery failures are random and only 11% are age/time related. This means that traditional time-based maintenance will not prevent most failures.
  • Only 2% CBM adoption in classed ships, leaving 98% of vessels still relying on time-based maintenance.

Partnership with P&O Maritime Logistics Case Study
VitalyX Solution
VitalyX Solution:

VitalyX provided continuous monitoring of the clients fleet, allowing the operator to move from time-based maintenance and lube oil changes to condition based maintenance.

Fleet wide deployment:

  • Main engines
  • Aux engines
  • Propellers
  • Thrusters
VitalyX Added Value:

Based on the insights provided by VitalyX, the client achieved the following results over a 12 month period (per vessel):

  • Zero asset loss
  • $50,000 savings
  • Extended lube oil change cycles by up to 9 planned changes
  • 13,000 liters oil saved
  • 44 tons Co2 equivalent saved (52 acres forest)
  • 27 man-hours saved

Partnership with P&O Maritime Logistics

VitalyX Dashboard

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