Mechanical, Instrumentation & Control Solutions
Mechanical, Instrumentation and Control Solutions
Our Complete Nexus nTrinsic™ Portfolio of Mechanical, Instrumentation and Control Products Enables Us to Meet Your Operational Needs

When you need reliable, efficient, compliant solutions to help you operate, maintain, and protect all your rotating and non-rotating assets, Nexus Controls can help. All of our Mechanical, Instrumentation, and Control (I&C) Solutionshave been built to exacting, high-quality standards to match and exceed OEM specifications. Whether you require a solution for hydroelectric energy applications, steam turbines, gas turbines, or mechanical and dynamic controls, our global engineering team will work with you to seamlessly integrate, build, and install our products into your existing plant infrastructure while complying with your applications’ global standards. In short, your requirements are our top priority.

For over a century we have designed and successfully implemented mechanical and I&C systems for a variety of applications including turbines for hydroelectric power, steam turbines, gas turbines, wind turbines, nuclear power applications, boiler-furnace systems, oil & gas systems, and more.

To help you manage your assets while meeting compliance requirements for your turbine's overspeed protection, hydraulic or electric actuation, we offer both standard and custom solutions. When you have a specific application that needs monitoring, our time-tested instrumentation panels can help, enabling you to leverage the knowledge gained from our extensive global installed base. This proven approach ensures that we will successfully deliver an integrated solution that uniquely meets your needs.

Nexus nTrinsic - Mechanical and I&C Portfolio

When you’re ready to modernize your Mechanical and/or Instrumentation and Control systems, we stand ready to help you design a solution that fits your specific requirements, budget, and installation schedule. The Nexus nTrinsic portfolio complies with global technical regulations and standards (e.g., API, ASME, IEC, IEEE, CE, UL, CSA, CCC, EN, ISO, etc.) for the industrial, utility, hydroelectric energy, and petrochemical vertical markets so you can be sure that your equipment and processes are in full compliance.

The Nexus Controls portfolio of Control Systems, Industrial Cybersecurity, Mechanical, I&C products, and comprehensive Services enables our international team of domain experts to provide turnkey solutions.

Nexus Controls nTrinsic portfolio helps global customers optimize turbine overspeed protection, reduce maintenance costs, and decrease your risk of potential downtime. We offer solutions to maintain legacy systems as well as modernize your aging systems while keeping your plant operational and efficiently maintained.

The Woodward Governor Company Legacy Hydro Equipment

In 2000, Nexus Controls purchased from The Woodward Governor Company their entire hydroelectric powerplant business, including hydroelectric generators, mechanical control solutions, and dynamic controls solutions. As a result, Nexus Controls is the sole legal owner of all legacy Woodward Governor Hydro intellectual property (IP), data, and original engineering drawings. Nexus Controls can maintain, service, repair, or replace any damaged or worn-out OEM mechanical equipment.

Woodward Governor Control Systems

  • Gate Shaft Governor
  • “C” type non compensating Governor
  • “D” type compensating Governor
  • PGPL Governor
  • UG Cabinet Governor

Hydraulic Actuator Applications

  • FC (Flow Control) distributing valves
  • A, S, GS, TG, UG/HT Actuators
  • Mechanical Cabinet Actuator

Electric Actuator Applications

  • Mag Amp Actuator
  • Mod I & Mod II Analog Electric Actuator

Digital Controllers

  • Micronet, Atlas, & Netcon
  • 505H, 501, 517 DCS, 723

Pump Applications

  • Flow Loading Unloader
  • XX Pump or Herringbone Pump
  • Pumping Units

PMG and Speed Sensing

  • PMG (Permanent Magnetic Generator)
  • SSG (Speed Signal Generator)
The Woodward Governor Company Hydro Parts
State-of-the-Art Integrated Hydro Solutions

For customers seeking to manage fluctuations in the local grid demands or other changes in your operations, our fully integrated systems approach allows you to directly interface state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation, including servomotor linear feedback, pressure, temperature, flow, and speed sensors. These are seamlessly integrated with our user-friendly Nexus OnCore™ control system. Our fully integrated solutions allow you to operate and manage your hydroelectric power assets on-premise or from a remote site.

When it comes to your hydroelectric power needs, Nexus Controls offers simplex, redundant, and Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) mechanical and instrumentation solutions that will significantly improve system reliability. Let us work together to develop physical layouts with tailored design solutions to meet your hydroelectric power plant’s specific requirements.

2000 Series Pumps

  • Designed to replace a failed Woodward 20 series belt or motor-driven pump
  • Nexus Controls units run autonomously with updated industry-standard equipment
  • Standard readily available parts
  • Lower maintenance cost and increased reliability

Flow Control Valves (FC1250, FC5000, and FC20000 models)

  • Perfect for new installations or as a replacement of original Woodward 2-10” distributing valves
  • Proven reliable design
  • Minimize maintenance time and expense
  • Adjustable flow to meet turbine OEM specifications

Flow Loading Unloaders

  • Combines pump loading, unloading, and pressure relief
  • Reduced pressure relief operating range to meet pressure tank specifications
  • Promotes longer life for pump and motor

Gate Shaft Governor Controls Upgrades

  • Converts Mechanical-Hydraulic Control (MHC) control to a modern Electrical-Hydraulic Control (EHC) control
  • Eliminates mechanical governor maintenance and obsolete part issues
  • Short outage time for mechanical upgrades
  • Increased efficiency using industry-standard components
  • Electrically controlled for cost-effectiveness

Pressure Tank Upgrades

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certified pressure tanks
  • Custom designed to meet hydraulic system requirements
  • Can interface with existing piping, pumping, and hydraulic controls

Speed Sensing

  • Eliminates original mechanical switches and annual switch maintenance
  • Custom mounting for both Woodward Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG) and Speed Signal Generators (SSG)
  • Short downtime to retrofit
  • Active probes allow for turbine creep detection, etc

Electro-Hydraulic Interface (EHI)

  • Converts MHC control to EHC control
  • Reduced maintenance - eliminates mechanical feedback in actuator cabinet
  • Cost-effective electric unit control
  • Reduced downtime with fast, easy installation
  • Utilizes existing distribution valve and piping
  • Increased efficiency and uptime with industry-proven components

Wicket Gate Servomotor Linear Feedback

  • Replaces legacy cable feedback systems
  • Allows for precise control of gate or blade servomotors
  • Designed for ease of installation

XX Oil Pump Upgrades

  • Nexus Controls can provide repair parts and services for legacy Woodward XX pumps
  • Nexus Controls offers legacy XX pump and motor replacement assemblies to reduce part and repair issues
  • Modern control interfaces with pump and motor retrofits are available
  • Customized layout and design engineering services are also available
Hydro Turbines
Steam Turbine System Solutions

Nexus Controls steam turbine mechanical and I&C portfolio of products has a proven history of delivering long-lasting, reliable outcomes for our customers. Our steam turbine generator solutions are successfully deployed in large Nuclear, Coal, Natural Gas, Blast Furnace Gas, and Biomethane Gas applications with dependable results. The Nexus Controls team of domain experts is ready to help you overcome your steam turbine mechanical and I&C challenges and is here to work with you to optimize a tailored solution that best meets your needs.

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU): High-Pressure and Low-Pressure Solutions

  • HPU 75, 140, 325

Trip Block Assembly (Trip Manifold Assembly)

  • Redundant Dual (with header isolation) 2-out-of-3 signal voting design delivers extremely high tripping reliability and allows for full online maintenance
  • Redundant Parallel (without header isolation) 2-out-of-2 signal voting design delivers excellent tripping reliability as a lower-priced solution.
  • Actual turbine trip is eliminated by online exercising of solenoid valves with pressure feedback
  • Enhance your turbine protection with an optional emergency manual push-button hydraulic trip

Stand-Alone Overspeed Protection Panels

  • Nexus Controls ShieldTec, Trip Manifold Assembly plus Overspeed Protection panels
  • Bently Nevada BN3701 Adapt Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
  • Woodward Protech TPS
  • Mark Vle PPRO

Actuator Solutions

  • Custom designed actuator solutions
  • Direct-acting high-pressure hydraulic actuators
  • Direct-acting electric actuators
  • Electric pilot valve actuators
  • Pneumatic pilot valve actuators
  • Hydraulic proportional low-pressure pilot actuators (TM-25LP, TM-200LP, TM-1000LP)
  • Direct-acting low-pressure hydraulic actuators (Woodward Varistroke-l and Varistroke-ll)
  • Current-to-Pressure Converter (Woodward CPC-ll) for low-pressure pilot valve actuation

Position Solutions

  • Linear Variable Differential Transducer (LVDT) assemblies for steam valve actuators  

Speed Sensing Assemblies

  • Passive and active available
  • Custom mounting brackets for multiple sensors
  • Custom-fit speed wheels
Reaction Steam Turbine
Gas Turbine Solutions

Mechanical and I&C components are often sources of unreliability. Nexus Controls has a robust portfolio of products with proven successful applications on a wide range of OEM gas turbines. When you need help identifying historical areas of concern, or you need a recommendation to help improve the reliability and availability of your unit, our extensive experience combined with our global team of experts can offer pointed, proven solutions to help you manage your assets in the best way possible for your given application. We offer simplex, redundant, and TMR solutions to meet your needs.    

Electronically actuated shutoff valves for gas and liquid fuel systems:

  • Gas Shutoff Valve (GSOV25)
  • 3” Universal Shutoff Valve for Liquid & Gas (USOV)
  • 2” Universal Shutoff Valve for Liquid only (USOV)
  • Liquid Shutoff Valve (LSOV25)

Electronically actuated control valves for gas and liquid fuel systems:

  • 3103/3171 EM35MR
  • GS6, GS16DR, GS16
  • Electric Gas Metering Valve (EGMV)
  • Large Electric Sonic Valve (LESV)
  • SonicFlo Valves

Water metering valves:

  • 3151A EML100
  • Electric Water Metering Valve (EWMV)

Liquid metering valves:

  • LQ6, LQ25, LQ25T, LQ25BP, LQ50
  • Electric Liquid Metering Valve (ELMV)
  • Electric Liquid Bypass Valve (ELBV)

Steam injection for NOx emission control:

  • 3151A EML100
  • Electric Water Metering Valve (EWMV)

Flame Scanner (Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business):

  • Flame Tracker Sensor

IGV Actuator Solutions:

  • Woodward EIGVA or EVSVA
Nexus Controls Services upgrades for gas turbine
Transmitter Panels (Hydro, Gas, Steam, O&G, Nuclear)

Nexus Controls offers state-of-the-art transmitter panels for standard application (specific configurations) or we design them to meet your specifications and applications. We support Hydro, Gas, Steam, O&G process, Nuclear, and Furnace/Boiler applications.

Pressure Transmitter Offerings:

  • Druck, Rosemount, Yokogawa, and Foxboro

Pressure switches:

  • ITT Neodyne and Custom Control Sensors (CCS) pressure switches

Pressure sensing applications:

  • Lube oil or hydraulic system pressure
  • ETS, Vacuum, and Bearing oil pressure

Transmitter Panel Communication Protocols:

  • HART, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus
power gen plant
Boiler Furnace Solutions

Your coal and natural gas-fired boiler-furnace applications are in good hands with the Nexus  OnCore digital control platform which seamlessly integrates with our electro-mechanical and instrumentation solutions. Nexus Controls offers steam valve mechanical & hydraulic systems retrofit upgrades and custom upgrades for main, auxiliary, and process steam turbine applications. Nexus Controls has an application-specific certified Safety Instrumented System (SIS) with a range of Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) solutions. We also support custom design services for SIL and Non-SIL applications.  

Hydraulic Actuator Applications:

  • Main, process, and auxiliary steam header mechanical linkage and hydraulic actuator packaged upgrades
  • Furnace primary and secondary air damper controls
  • Induction Draft (ID) and Forced Draft (FD) damper controls

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Solutions – High-Pressure and Low-Pressure:

  • HPU 75, 140, 325, and custom solutions

Flame Scanner (Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business):

  • Flame Tracker Sensor

Pressure Transmitter Offerings

  • Druck, Rosemount, Yokogawa, and Schneider Electric
boiler radiation detector, radiation measurement, bwr monitoring, pwr monitoring, flame detectors,

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