• Generates high rates of penetration (ROPs) through ductile formations
  • Provides superior durability for longer run times
  • Increases drilling efficiency to target depth for lower well construction costs

  • Carbonates, anhydrites, and salts
  • High mud weight drilling applications

Drill quickly and efficiently through your toughest formations with the Apex™ shaped-cutter technology from Baker Hughes. Custom-designed to distribute more weight to a smaller portion of the rock, the Apex shaped cutter maximizes rates of penetration (ROPs)—with less downtime related to excessive bit wear.


Boost drilling performance with customized cutter placement

When added as part of the Dynamus™ extended-life drill bit or Talon Strike™ PDC drill bit, Apex cutters are proven to extend your drilling footage, with less rig time and lower costs, through difficult interbedded formations.

Using the advanced modeling capabilities of our Tetrahedron 3D bit drilling simulation software, our application experts work with you to select the best drill bit frame and ideal Apex cutter placement to improve ROP response and bit aggressiveness—without sacrificing durability.

Contact us to learn how the durable Apex shaped cutters can help you maximize drilling efficiency in your toughest drilling environments.

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