Drilling fluids and cementing solutions from Baker Hughes are designed to help you optimize drilling performance and ensure effective zonal isolation for the life of your well. Working with us, you’ll gain access to technologies, analysis and design services, and expert application assistance that deliver serious performance and profitability benefits.

Drill clean, in-gauge holes. 

Whether you’re drilling offshore or onshore, our engineered fluid systems help you build out your wellbore more quickly and confidently. 

Use fluids fine-tuned for your formation.

Work with our fluids engineers to design a drilling fluid that is tailored to your rock formations, clays, and other minerals that might interfere with your drilling progress.

Manage waste with less worry. 

Overcome the environmental challenges of storing, using, and safely disposing of spent fluids with our fluid environmental services.

Optimize every cement job.

Ensure an effective sealed barrier for your casing with cement systems and mixing equipment that deliver precise slurries in less time and at lower costs.

Pinpoint your cement placement.

Leverage our advanced fluid displacement simulation software to find a cement solution that reduces intermixing risks while meeting your cement placement objectives. 

Ensure effective isolation for the long term.

Rely on our in-depth understanding of your well design objectives and application of cementing best practices to deliver a high-integrity, highly secure cement job.

Let’s work together to develop the right mix of drilling fluid and cementing solutions that will optimize the long-term value of your oil and gas wells.

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Products & Services

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Completion assembly services

DELTA-TEQ low-pressure-impact drilling fluid animation still

DELTA-TEQ low-pressure-impact drilling fluid

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MAX-BRIDGE advanced bridging solution

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Tubing running services