• Enhance rate of penetration and wellbore stability
  • Gain effective inhibition of reactive formations
  • Ease logistical concerns by using more locally sourced materials

  • Onshore and offshore wells
  • Remote or developing areas with logistical issues
  • Wells with increased risk of wellbore instability and differential sticking

Enhance wellbore stability while drilling through challenging formations with the PERFLEX™ high-performance water-based drilling fluid system from Baker Hughes. Fully customizable for your specific needs, the system is a proven, environmentally friendly alternative to oil-based muds (OBMs).


Solve your specific drilling challenges

PERFLEX high-performance water-based drilling fluids are part of the Baker Hughes portfolio of water-based fluids for drilling highly reactive formations, effectively and efficiently. Our application specialists work with you to customize the system to focus on your most critical fluid attributes, such as shale stability or controlling highly reactive clays.

The system contains a unique combination of technologies designed to drill through layers of sand and shale, while lowering your risks of wellbore instability and differential sticking. The formulation is adjusted to address each well’s specific drilling challenges for improved borehole stability, lower drilling costs, and increased rate of penetration (ROP) compared to conventional fluid systems.

PERFLEX high-performance water-based drilling fluids can be formulated for reliable deployment in high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) environments. The products comprising the formulations have been thoroughly tested and are environmentally accepted in many markets.


Simplify your sourcing

These fluids also reduce your logistics time and costs. Many of the high-performance products in each formulation can be locally sourced, which lowers shipping and importing fees while shortening transit times. Local sourcing and formulation also means that the fluids can be more easily formulated to your dosage requirements, reducing dilution rates and lowering your waste management costs.

Contact us today to learn more about how PERFLEX high-performance water-based drilling fluid systems can improve your drilling programs while simplifying logistics.



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