Our suite of reservoir drill-in fluids are specially formulated to provide superior drilling fluid properties while protecting your pay zone during drilling. Including both water-based and invert emulsion systems, these reservoir drill-in fluids offer simplified filter-cake clean-up to maximize your hydrocarbon recovery.


A full suite of drill-in fluids for multiple reservoir types and applications

Choose from the industry’s widest-range of application-specific drill-in fluids to deliver the performance and production your well needs.

Our PERFFLOW™ DIF system is a one-trip drill-in and completion fluid engineered to minimize formation damage. The fluid's thin filter cake is easily removed by production. Also, the PERFFLOW system has proven effective in a variety of coring applications and gravel-pack completions.

The OMNIFLOW™ invert emulsion drill-in and completion fluid can be blended using any approved external-phase oil for difficult drilling environments where a water-base fluid may not be effective.

The DELTAFLOW™ low-impact drill-in fluid is a next-generation invert emulsion DIF that provides a flat rheological profile while generating an ultra-thin filter cake which is easily removed and lifted off with minimum pressure.

And our DYNAFLOW™ reservoir drill-in fluid is a gum-free, easy removable system specially engineered for use in divalent brine applications that present challenges for conventional water-based drill-in fluid systems.

Ask a Baker Hughes representative today about how these reservoir drill-in fluids can help you boost ultimate recovery while lowering completion and production costs.

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