Coiled tubing drilling (CTD) helps maximize ultimate recovery and extend field life by accessing new or bypassed pay zones in your re-entry or slimhole drilling projects. Partnering with Baker Hughes, you gain access to an integrated CTD portfolio that lowers your drilling risks and presents greater revenue opportunities.

Take advantage of our 20+ years of global CTD operations, coupled with a comprehensive portfolio of drilling fluids, bits and bottomhole assemblies, underbalanced drilling packages, directional services, and milling tools, to leverage CTD for its full benefits.

Reduce drilling risks. Ensure safer live-well deployments with constant circulation and a simplified approach to underbalanced and managed pressure drilling.

Reach bottom faster. Improve rate of penetration (ROP) and optimize drilling time with enhanced geosteering capabilities and robust drill bits.

Pinpoint wellbore placement. Land your well to target with real-time formation evaluation data and geosteering from our advanced, slim. measurement-while-drilling (MWD) and bottomhole assembly systems.

Lower footprint. Limit your time, manpower, and environmental impact at the wellsite by leveraging CTD deployment strategies that are proven for their sustainability and efficiency.

Let’s find the optimal integrated coiled tubing drilling solution to safely, securely, and profitably access production zones that traditional drilling techniques couldn’t touch.  

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