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  • Increase certainty of directional surveys
  • Minimize collision risk and nonproductive time
  • Eliminate wireline gyro runs

  • Nearby well casing interference
  • Kickoff below a casing shoe
  • Whipstock orientation and milling



Accurately measure azimuth, inclination, and true-north toolface with the Baker Hughes GyroTrak™ gyro-while-drilling service. The highly reliable, directional measurement-while-drilling (MWD) service gives you detailed measurements in high magnetic interference environments, without the need for wireline gyro surveys.


Save survey time while drilling more accurately

The modularity of the GyroTrak gyro-while-drilling service allows it to be offered in multiple configurations. The GyroTrak service incorporates different types of gyro sensors to provide a comprehensive service capable of operating in most conditions and with the full range of our other MWD tools and services. The service is an add-on to the OnTrak™ and NaviTrak™ directional survey services.

You can choose to transmit data from both sensor packages—offering data from two discrete survey packages (separated by a minimum of 15 ft (4.8 m)) to facilitate better turn and build rate estimates.

And when drilling from crowded platforms or pads, the GyroTrak gyro-while-drilling measurements increase the certainty of directional surveys. This helps you save rig time compared to conventional wireline systems, while confidently drilling ahead with a minimal risk of colliding with a nearby well.

Contact us today to learn how the GyroTrak gyro-while-drilling service can improve the speed and certainty of your drilling operations.

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