2024 Spotlight on new Technology Award.

2024 OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award Winner

Baker Hughes delivers a truly differentiating reservoir mapping solution by introducing three unique technologies exclusive to TRU-ARMS™ advanced reservoir mapping services.



  • Maximize production and recovery potential with optimized well placement (net-to-gross)
  • Improved reservoir architecture mapping (fluid and lithological boundaries)
  • Optimize field development
  • Enhance volume estimates (refined subsurface model)
  • Design better completions

  • Industry first transceiver concept
  • Depth of detection up to 300ft (application dependent)
  • Full tensor pure component measurements
  • Dynamic depth of detection
  • Boundary and resistivity confidence analysis

  • Reservoir navigation and mapping of fluid and lithological boundaries
  • Optimal landings
  • Geostopping
  • Maximize net to gross in production holes
  • Reduction of drilling risks
  • Improved volume estimates


The TRU-ARMS™ advanced reservoir mapping service is an evolutionary leap forward in reservoir mapping that illuminates the reservoir up to 300 ft away from the wellbore to maximize reservoir contact and optimize future field development. TRU-ARMS delivers on three very key factors:

  • Step change in BHA design to achieve mapping objectives in all applications
  • Industry leading dynamic depth of detection in resistive and conductive media
  • Multi-dimensional mapping of lithological and fluid boundaries with embedded confidence analysis using ultra deep azimuthal resistivity (UDAR) measurements and inversions to provide sharper insights into reservoir distribution and quality.

The TRU-ARMS service simultaneously enhances real-time decision making for both geosteering and geomapping objectives to maximize return on investment.

  • Enabling optimal reservoir contact and well deliverability
  • Improving reservoir performance and overall asset recovery
  • Eliminating risk and reducing field development costs

TRU-ARMS service delivers a truly differentiating reservoir mapping solution by introducing three clearly differentiating technologies exclusive to Baker Hughes all through the industry’s first:

  • Disruptive transceiver concept
  • Innovative antenna design
  • Multi-dimensional inversions with embedded confidence analysis

Unlock true reservoir understanding at a seismic scale.

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TRU-ARMS reservoir mapping services optimize well placement, improve reserves estimation for long-term production gains

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