Behind the Druck brand video with Dave Watson

Behind the Druck brand video with Dave Watson

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We recently launched our Druck brand video to showcase the facility and what we do here at Druck.

We manage to catch up with some of the team worked on the video and ask them a couple of questions about the project and how it came about

Second in our miniseries is Dave Watson from Drucks Leadership Team -

1. Druck recently launched a new brand video to highlight what the company does, the technology involved and the key benefits of its expertise, could you tell us a little bit about your role at Druck and how you became involved with the video project?

I lead Strategy, Product Management and Marketing for Druck.  I was involved as an assistant script writer for the video, making suggestions that were adapted in the narrator’s commentary.


2. What do you want people to think of when they hear the name Druck?

I would like people to believe (as I do) that Druck is synonymous with meeting the challenges our customers face, where accurate, stable pressure measurement makes a material difference to their operations.


'I like the diversity of our workforce being represented in the video.'


3. What stood out to you in the video that you think customers will value the most?

The video gives the impression of an innovative company, focused on quality for our customers across a diverse range of applications and industries, made possible by our excellent people and their passion for their work.   


4. Anything you’d like to add or standout out performance from the Druck team or the Druck technology featured in the video?

I like the diversity of our workforce being represented in the video.  I feel we are a stronger performing business and closer-knit team because of our diverse workforce and inclusive culture. 

I’m sorry that the camera footage of me walking (too quickly to be included apparently!) is still on the cutting room floor(!) However this does not diminish from my pride at seeing this excellent video being launched, which gives a great insight as to why it’s a pleasure to work for this business.


You can view the Druck brand video on our YouTube channel here