Scientists ‘just can’t get enough’ of Druck’s PACE technology

Scientists ‘just can’t get enough’ of Druck’s PACE technology

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Over the last few months Druck, a Baker Hughes business and industry leader in pressure measurement technology and instrumentation, has won three separate contracts with national laboratories in Europe as demand for its PACE technology continues to increase.

As Chris Roberts, Product Manager for PACE, explains the quality of the technology is driving sales.

“PACE is the world’s fastest pressure controller.  Incorporating Druck’s cutting-edge TERPS (Trench-Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) technology into our PACE pressure controller has enabled us to provide advanced levels of precision, speed, and stability for customers when they measure, test and calibrate pressure. 

“As part of a number of testing processes, in August 2021 we sent PACE to a laboratory specializing in high-accuracy calibration to test the Druck technology.  The scientists were so impressed by PACE, that the laboratory actually placed an order for two units!

“It's reassuring that scientists from an internationally renowned calibration laboratory, that we engaged with to calibrate our technology, consider PACE so accurate that they have incorporated it into their own operations.

“PACE Pressure Controllers are now an integral part of operations at three prestigious laboratories across Europe.  It would seem that scientists just can’t get enough of our PACE technology - we could not ask for a better endorsement!

“Given the quality of PACE's technology, it should come as no surprise that we’re seeing significant demand.  In 2021 Druck’s PACE technology enjoyed a 50% increase in orders year-on-year.  In 2022, demand is even greater.” 

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