Reducing methane venting, fugitives and flaring represents one of the most significant emissions reduction opportunities for industry

Avitas Drone

Advanced methane monitoring and detection

Detect, reduce, and prevent methane leaks with our continuous land-based or aerial drone based digital methane monitoring systems across fleet-wide areas and single sites.

a flare in the distance in a refinery

Flare down: from gas processing solutions to flare optimization

We support gas monetization and de-flaring through gas processing with turnkey plant solutions and advanced rotating equipment. Whenever flaring is unavoidable, our flare management solutions can cut up to 12,100 metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions annually per flare, reduce methane emissions, ensure high efficiency flare combustion, and reduce steam usage.

a refinery lit up in the dark

‘Zero-bleed’ valves to control fugitives and leakage

Valves and controls are one of the largest sources of methane emissions in oil and gas production and downstream processing. In a plant environment, our control valves reduce fugitive leakage through emission containment and bellow seals to provide zero leakage to the atmosphere.


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CCUS-Monitoring 60x60
Methane emissions monitoring

Accurately and efficiently identifying sources of methane emissions enables faster response, reduces emissions and lowers cost. Our emissions monitoring systems provide localization and quantification of methane emissions, general asset inspections, and alert customers of any anomalies.

Emission management 60x60
Flare management and optimization solutions

Flaring is one of the largest causes of carbon emissions across the oil and gas sector.  Our flare meter, flare.IQ, reduces methane emissions, ensures high-efficiency flare combustion and reduce steam usage. flare.IQ also helps customers manage their flare assets remotely.

Hydrogen-ReciprocatingCompressors 60x60
Flow and process solutions

We can replace or retrofit control systems in natural gas operations with no-bleed valves to cost-effectively reduce methane emissions.

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