Computer rendering of the XACT downhole acoustic telemetry system.

Downhole Sensors and Technology

Achieve more with sensors and orientation modules built for the smallest spaces and most challenging drilling conditions.


Find Advanced, Durable Downhole Sensor Technology for Your MWD/LWD and Wireline Operations

Deeper drilling requires customized tools that handle harsher downhole conditions, are reliable, and deliver precise readings in challenging environments. As a leading supplier of downhole technology to oilfield service companies and OEMs, Reuter-Stokes brings more than 60 years of research and development to its wireline, measurement-while-drilling (MWD), and logging-while-drilling (LWD) sensors.

Our products are:

  • Customizable to meet your project’s measurement and environmental requirements: We engineer and build sensors to withstand high temperatures, shocks, and vibrations. We also design for high sensitivity, low power usage, and operation in small spaces near the bit for optimal precision of measurement.
  • Built for reliability: Unplanned downtime in oil & gas exploration is costly, so we design for maximum uptime between calibrations and longer overall sensor life. We also minimize supply chain risks for our customers with our US-based manufacturing facilities.

Reuter-Stokes experts are ready to answer your questions quickly and use their technology and customization experience to create the tools you need to accomplish more in the field in the most cost-effective way possible.

Find Advanced, Durable Downhole Sensor Technology for Your Drilling and Toolmaking Operations

Gamma-Ray Scintillation Detectors

Made-to-order detectors featuring some of the highest sensitivities in the industry for faster logging in smaller spaces and challenging conditions. For radiation detection applications including:

  • Gross counting gamma
  • Spectral gamma
  • Density gamma



Custom-designed and built detectors that require minimal space to deliver excellent durability in high temperature environments, easy parallel operation, and good gamma discrimination in virtually any downhole setting. For radiation detection applications including:

  • Gross counting neutron
  • Neutron porosity


Directional Sensors and Orientation Modules

Superior accuracy, configuration flexibility, and reliability in our most compact downhole survey technology, built to double the mean time between calibrations and the overall lifetime. For directional drilling applications including:

  • Inclination
  • Azimuth


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