Our straddle packer module overcomes limitations of the standard probe in fractured, vuggy, and tight formations. It isolates a one-meter zone, offering a larger cross-sectional sampling area to contribute for samples with less drawdown. It is also used for wireline pressure-transient tests like mini drillstring tests (Mini-DST), wireline interference tests (WIT), and wireline-conveyed micro-fracturing (Micro-Frac™). 


Wireline pressure-transient tests (Mini-DST)

The RCI™ reservoir characterization instrument formation testing service generates the pressure disturbance needed to conduct a transient test. Mini-DST testing service occurs at the flow-unit level by performing one or more flow and buildup periods. Mini-DST can also be performed with a straddle packer module. Recorded pressure transients are analyzed to evaluate and characterize the reservoir for initial/average reservoir pressure, horizontal permeability, skin factor, and reservoir heterogeneity data.


Wireline interference tests (WIT)

Our straddle packer module combines with one or more single-probe modules to conduct a WIT. It determines permeability anisotropy and confirms communication between reservoir layers.

In addition to measuring pressure transients at the straddle packer, pressure changes are monitored at the single probe. Simultaneous analysis of pressure transients and single-probe monitoring point yields horizontal permeability.

It also yields vertical permeability between the straddle packer and single probe. Interference test analyses deliver horizontal and vertical permeability, significantly reducing uncertainty with parameter estimations.


Wireline conveyed micro-fracturing (Micro-Frac)

Micro-Frac delivers in-situ stress measurements. Real-time pressure decline analysis allows you to assess formation breakdown pressure and determine fracture closure pressure. After closure stress is determined, interval pressure is increased again to measure the fracture reopening pressure. A subsequent pressure decline is recorded. Reopening and pressure decline cycles ensure that geomechanic parameters can be verified.

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Straddle packer module