Remove wellbore obstructions and bring debris to the surface, safely and efficiently, with conventional fishing tools from Baker Hughes. Our proven portfolio of conventional fishing technologies for cased-hole, openhole, and thru-tubing interventions includes the industry’s largest selection of fishing, milling, cutting, and specialty tools. Working with us, you’re assured minimal downtime to bring your well back to its full production potential.

We invented many of the wellbore interventions tools used in the industry today. Solve your most pressing fishing challenges with our extensive field experience and time-tested equipment—from specialty carbide inserts that enhance penetration rates and mill life, to our xSight™ smart intervention service smart intervention service that optimizes operations with real-time data.

And with our decades of field experience to guide us, we continue to develop the newest innovations in milling, cutting, pulling, cleaning, and other solutions to the challenges impeding your production and interrupting operations.


Minimize downtime and risks with full-suite wellbore cleanup tools

Up to 30% of nonproductive time (NPT) during completions is a result of debris left in the wellbore.

Minimize your NPT, and the associated costs and risks, with our complete suite of wellbore cleanup systems. By effectively cleaning casing and removing debris before the well is completed, we ensure trouble-free operations and maximum reservoir return. Our X-Treme Clean™ wellbore cleanup (WBCU) and displacement solution includes reliable, modular mechanical systems organized into different service tiers to match your application, whether onshore or in the deepest waters offshore.  


Maximize production with proven casing exit tools

Bypass trouble zones and reach reserves that were previously considered unreachable with our field-proven casing exit systems. By enabling one-trip, full-gauge window cutting in a wide range of formations and hole conditions, our casing exit systems optimize your completions and bring your wells to new levels of profitable production.

With more than 5,000 successful runs, our wide selection of anchors, window mills, retrieving tools, section mills, underreamers, whipstocks, and accessory tools can overcome any challenge, no matter how complex.

Contact us today to learn how our conventional fishing tools can help you minimize your intervention downtime and access all of your payzone—quickly and efficiently.

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