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FAQ | Loop Calibrators
IP Rating of UPS-III and UPS-III-IS

For the UPS-III-IS the rating is IP40, this is mentioned in the user manual K0341 Rev A.

For the UPS-III there isn't a formal rating but by design it should meet IP40.

What is the UPS III Calibration PIN?

The calibration pin number is 9410.

UPS III Loop Calibrator Board Replacement

The board shown in the picture is for a UPS-III-IS (Intrinsically safe version), UNO-301 is for the Analogue board used on the standard UPS –III .
For the IS version the spare part number is IA4539-1-V0.
This consists of a kit of three boards:-
1. Analogue
2. Digital
3. Display
We do not sell the Analogue board as an individual item, only as a kit.
Please note: after any board replacement/repair, the instrument will require recalibrating as this is a set of un-calibrated boards.

UPS III Loop Calibrator Not Measuring Current or Voltage

Only the current input is fused by a 0.1 Amp surface mount re-settable fuse.
If both voltage and current are not working then there may be a fault with either the Digital or Analogue board.
You could check that the Analogue board is correctly connected to the Digital board by removing the rear case and checking that the rear board (Analogue) and middle board (Digital) are correctly mated together.
If you wish to replace the boards the part numbers are:-
UNO-301 Analogue Board (rear board).
UNO-302 Digital Board (middle board). 

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