• Ensure accurate wellbore placement with high-definition, high-speed EM telemetry
  • Optimize telemetry by using EM and MP data simultaneously
  • Identify formations for lithology correlation

  • Unconventional shale plays
  • Onshore development drilling
  • Factory drilling



Improve measurement-while-drilling (MWD) efficiency in your drilling operations with the NaviTrak™ UT directional and gamma MWD service from Baker Hughes.  The system quickly sends large amounts of real-time directional information, including hole inclination, azimuth, and toolface orientation, by high-resolution electromagnetic (EM) telemetry.  And in extreme applications, the system gives you the ability to augment or switch over to reliable mud-pulse (MP) telemetry. As a result, you need only one directional and gamma MWD service for both EM and MP telemetry.


Flexibility and reliability

Unlike dual-telemetry systems that force you to choose between MP or EM telemetry, NaviTrak’s unified telemetry (UT) gives you the flexibility to optimize real-time data transfer by using both EM and MP simultaneously. And in the event that EM telemetry is interrupted, the NaviTrak UT switches to mud pulse so that you can still receive directional and gamma data while drilling.

With its compact, easy-to-handle tool body, the NaviTrak UT service simplifies deployment to the rig and down the well. And with the option to build the bottomhole assembly (BHA) in the workshop, you’ll never have to wait for tool builds on the rigsite.

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