• Faster first oil and return on investment
  • Flexibility in drilling, completion and hook-up
  • Improved recovery rates and total recoverables

  • Structured product with effective execution model
  • Guideline or guidelineless installation, jack-up or floating drilling, diver or diverless hook-up
  • Tree and in-well chemical injection system and gas-lift or ESP options

  • Up to 750m water depth and 10,000psi pressure
  • Satellite or cluster developments
  • Small pool developments




Proven and qualified trees for medium water depths

Our medium water subsea trees have served the industry for more than 30 years and are designed for water depths of up to 2,500 ft (750 m), with installation possible from semi-submersible or jack-up drilling rigs. They are qualified to meet the most rigorous international standards for subsea products—API, ISO and NORSOK—and use standard, field-proven VG300 valves and H4connectors.

Reduced installation costs

Designed to accommodate guideline drilling and completion techniques, medium water subsea tree systems can also be run guideline-free using vessels of convenience, offering the potential to reduce installation costs. They are engineered for 10,000 psi and an operating temperature range of 0°F to 300°F (-18°C to 149°C).


Enhanced reservoir management

To date, Baker Hughes has installed more than 700 medium water trees in offshore basins around the world. With our proven installation tools, diverless installation, and connection to flow lines and umbilicals using our HCCS connection systems, these tree systems accelerates your time to first oil.All our M-Series trees have options for oil, gas, water injection and electrical submersible pump applications to enhance reservoir management and hydrocarbon recovery. They are also suitable for template, fisher-friendly and NORSOK protection structures in heavy fishing areas.


Greater planning flexibility

The M-Series also includes a full set of rental tools to minimize capital expenditure for small field developments and allow greater flexibility in planning developments and budgets. The tools can be deployed to any location to meet specific operational needs and provide everything you require for well intervention and maintenance. Rental tools to suit project schedules are fully supported by our global service department and highly experienced field-support engineers.


Medium Water Vertical Tree (MVXT)

Our Medium Water Vertical Tree (MVXT) is highly compatible with a range of drilling fleets and rigs. Our guideline MVXT has been used extensively in offshore basins around the world. It provides wide flexibility in field development planning and is designed for both cluster and template applications.The system is configured for up to six downhole functions, including well safety valves, chemical injection, intelligent completions, and one electric functions, adding further flexibility and functionality to improve well performance. The MVXT can be installed directly onto your completed wellhead to enable batch setting and early completion of the field, minimizing your time to first oil.

Our make-to-order MVXT variants can be delivered in 12 months.


Medium Water Horizontal Tree (MHXT)

Our Medium WaterHorizontal Tree (MHXT) is compatible with industry-recognized 18¾-inch drilling systems and is well established in offshore developments around the world. The design allows for installation of the tubing hanger directly into the tree master valve block, eliminating the need for an open-water completion riser and reducing your project CAPEX. The tree also provides flexibility for drilling from jack-up rigs, as well as from semi-submersibles and drill ships.

The MHXT has the flexibility to cover options with Fisher Friendly protection and diver or diverless flow line connections, allowing your field architecture to be optimized and helping to minimize costs during initial development. It also simplifies intervention operations through ease of access to the completion when increased downhole activity is required. The tree system is readily suited to the needs of gas lift and electrical submersible pumps to address small-pool hydrocarbon recovery and improve your development’s return on investment. The system is configured for up to seven downhole functions, including well safety valves, chemical injection, intelligent completions, and one electric functions, adding further flexibility and functionality to improve well performance.

Our configure-to-order MHXT variants can be delivered in 11 months.


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